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Vote for me please!!
Greetings everyone,
I recently entered the renaming contest on www.stridegum.com and luckaly for me, my name is one of the final ten! But I need help. Please go to www.stridegum.com and vote for Mintfinity!! It would help me out alot. biggrin
Thank you!

Heroic Legend Of Arslan
I am putting this up because I want to know people who have seen the anime Heroic Legend of Arslan. I have recently made a guild for this anime, so if you watched the series and are interested in joining, please leave a message here or PM me. I will be sure to give you an invite.

For those who don't know what Arslan is, it is an older anime. I think 94 or so is when it came out. The storyu revolves around Prince Arslan (hence the name), whose Kingdom has fallen under attack. The prince must flee from his home with his friend and soldier by the name of Darun (Daryoon). Together, the two of them begin raising up an army to battle the forces of the invading army. This anime is one of the best that you can possibly see.
For anyone who hasn't seen this, please head over to youtube and type in Arslan. The entire series has been posted up so you can watch it. If you dislike youtube, you can also buy the dvd (all episodes and the movie) for 15 dollars.

Attention All Rpers!!
This is a little bulletin. My dear friend Baka has redone her guild and opened it up. It is called A new hope for Arania.
User Image

Click on that and it will take you to the main page. If anyone is interested then please let me know and I'll be more than happy to send you an invite. She worked really hard on this and we need all the Rpers we can get! Thanks for your time! ^^


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Mindless Self Indulgence Concert in Sacramento.
Well I can cross another thing off of my list of things to do before I die. I finally got to see MSI in concert down in Sacramento, California. ^^ I went with my boyfriend which was alot of fun, even when he went down to mosh in the crowd. I can't help it when I say I have a crush on Jimmy. I know I feel like such a loser but..whatever. I can't help it. The guy is funny and definatly puts on a great show as well as the rest of the band members. I give Lind-Zay alot of credit for continuing to play even when she was burried underneath a prop. Poor girl. I was absolutly surprised at how they got me going. I'm a wallflower so when I go to concerts I stay in the back and don't move, but I do sing along. Luckaly the sound is always to loud for anyone to hear me. I'm not saying I'm bad but I have no honest opinion about my own voice since I never sing around people. I'm shy. redface
I was surprised to see how much energy Jimmy had and how short he actually was. I've only seen him on dvd's and well..he looks alot taller on stage. I realized how short he was when he jumped into a crowd and I lost track of him. (I was in the upstairs bar. ^^)
Still I don't want to sound like a raging fan girl so I'll keep this short. If anyone wants to comment and share their experiance at this concert feel free to leave a comment. ^^

Anyway, the only thing that upset me didn't come from the band but from the audience. Look, I know MSI is really cool and everything but when the singer has to treat you like a child and act like a parent, then you've gone to far. He's nice enough to let you jump up on stage and jump off. Hell he even jumped in the crowd full of fans and how is the band repayed? By having people trying to maul him and leaping onto stage to sing into a mic. I didn't sit in a car for two and a half hours to see a bunch of "fans" trying to take the show away from the band. Next time, I hope the people who did this conduct themselves in a better manner. I know its futile to say that since I'm sure if anyone from that concert reads this I'll be flammed to no end. Still try not to ruin it for others who come to watch the band preform in all its glory.

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vampire chronicle rp chars
Name: November Summers

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Personality: November is always once to come off as cold and ruthless. She really doesn't seem to care much about another adult life. Children are the only exception to this rule, to them she is very kind. However this is all nothing more then a clever attempt at pushing people away, this is all due to her ubringing. Aside from this November is very smart and thus the highest ranking informant of the clan.

Looks: November stands about five foot six and weighs about a hundred and twenty pounds making her body weight ideal for her height. She has a face like that of a doll with eyes that are golden yellow in color and seem to shine like the moon. Her long black hair flows freely down her body and ends just above her feet. Her thick hair is always clean and shining in the sunlight to show that its very healthy. Her skin a ivory in color and soft to the touch. Her attire differs from day to day but she normally dress's fairly casually, yet she always wears something that will cover her entire body. This is due to having a large tattoo on her back and a brand upon her neck though that is always covered by a large collar.

History: Once upon a time November lived with her parents in a small apartment in New Orleans. They didn't have much money but they where always able to have a good meal. Though in school November was teased often by how small she was, she let it all roll off her back. None of their words ever really seemed to phase her.

On her seventh birthday November was sent out at nine pm to get some milk for her home. It had been a good day with a nice little party. Her mother and father had gotten her a silver locket for her birthday which she had promptly filled with a family photo and placed around her neck. When she got home she opened the door as she normally would, stepping inside she noticed all the lights where out. Quickly looking for a candle while she called out for her parents. Lighting it with a match she wandered further into the house., heading into the living room she saw the horror that would haunt her for the rest of her life. Laying on the floor was her mother and father, their necks torn out yet there was very little blood on the ground. Her yellow eyes went wide as the milk fell to the ground, spilling open and mixing with what little blood was on the ground.

Three days past before November was found by a curious neighbor who hadn't seen any of the family. This event was not something that was talked about in the media for long. Due to the strange nature of the homicide the police decided to keep the details of this investigation under wraps. November was sent off for psychiatric evaluation since she refused to speak to the police. Her face emotionless even after the death of her parents. November was soon released into an orphenage that would be her home for the next four years.

St. Theresa Orphenage established in 1912 and still standing. Run mostly by nuns and taught the catholic beliefs this was a horrible place for November to live. Though the case of her parents death had been shut tight enough had been leaked into the school. Most of the children there wouldn't talk to her, whispering vicious rumors. The only friend she had was the one she pushed away, a small boy named Rain Shima. An slbino boy, thin build with long white hair, pale skin, and brilliant red eyes. He tried desperatly to make friends with November though he never seemed to get very far.

Three months later November sat in her class, not really paying to much attention to the nun who had her back turned at the time. Children began passing around a note that a young boy named Chris chuckled as the note was passed around. Getting various looks from other classmates. Some chuckling, some simply passing the note on, others turning their heads away as they did so. The note eventurally came over to November. Looking at the small piece of paper and being curious she opened it up to find a crude drawing of her sitting on the floor eating her parents. A little nickname printed on the bottom saying, 'The demon beast triple six'. Clenching her teeth hard she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. Her eyes shooting over to Chris who looked back at her with a wide smile. That cocky smirk upon his face, she couldn't stand it. Getting up out of her seat as the teacher continued to speak she moved over to Chris and stood beside him. Rain looked on from across the room with curiosity.
Chris turned his head up, whispering in a low cocky tone, "What? Are you going to eat me now too?"
That comment was the last straw. Grabbing him by the back of his shirt November pulled him from his seat and into the ground. Grabbing him by his hair and slamming his face into the floor repeatedly. Upon seeing this the nun quickly pulled November off as she was kicking and screaming. The ruckus brought in other nuns from different class's. While November as hauled away the others went to take the boy to the infermery. She should have been placed in a juvinile detention center for what happened. However, for some strange reason Rain came to her aid and helped her out of a hasrh punishment by showing the priest the drawing that chris had done. Taking note of this the priest decided to go easy on November, though Chris was hurt badly he would recover. However she was sentinced to hard labor to make up for her sin.

Since that day November let Rain past her emotional barrier. The two became good friends quickly. November told him what had happened and Rain was the first to suggest that maybe her parents had been victim of a vampire attack. When asked why he thought that he mentioned that his parents had always considered him a demon because of how he looked. Which made him want to read more to decide for himself weather or not he was infact a demon. Though he never found any evidence that he was in any books his parents harsh words stayed in his mind. November began to study up on demons and vampire lore. Though her books where taken away when the teachers found them, Rain seemed to always supply her with new books.

Two years down the road November and Rain became seperated. Rain got adopted by a rich young man by the name of damian. At this time Rain had stopped reading up on demon and vampire lore. Instead he began reading religious material, November didn't. Rain's new father figure didn't come till late at night. Rain wanted November to come but she was upset about him leaving and wouldn't come out of her room. Looking out the window as Rain and the nuns stood waiting. Eventually a white Rolls Royce pulled up to the orphenage. A tall young man stepped out, easily about six foot three. His skin a rather pale color, eyes like daimonds shimmering in the light. His shoulder length hair was very fine, jet black in color, and slightly curled. The man wore only the finest tailored cloths and though he didn't need a cane, stood with one in his hand, most likely as an accessorie. November peered down at the man that was taking her friend away from her. Eyes narrowed as she watched him. He seemed to notice and looked up, flashing a white canine at her. With eyes wide November figured out what stood down there. Getting up she ran down the stairs and out the door just as the car pulled away with Rain inside. Being held back by the nuns as she cried out the word Vampire over and over.

Back in the office of the head Priest, she was scolded for using that word. Forced to write the scriptures over and over for her punishment and idea's that these demonic creatures existed.
About a year and a half later an older man came by the orphenage to adopt November. A man in his late fifty's he seemed like the perfect father figure for November. The owner of the Deception Bookstore. The Priest told him all about November's troublesome history yet that didn't seem to bother him. November left the orphenage with this man whose name was Maurice. He took her to the bookstore and made her feel comfortable before her "training" began.

Maurice was one of the high ranking members of the Des Marrow Vampire Hunter Clan. As was his father before him, and his father before him. This clan ranked all the way back to the early days and was partially responsible for what happened to Marius and Armand. A long history and a long line of vampire hunters. Maurice himself was responsible for over fifty vampire deaths alone. Methods modifyed from the old times. He wasted no time in training November as one would a pit for a dogfight. Threw brutal cruelty, starvation, and manipulation. He trained her to be strong and ruthless when it came to the vampire race. Later introducing her to his other pet, a starved vampire named Ethan whom his ancestors had caught long ago. Starving him enough to where he was no stronger than a human being. Together the three took down different vampires in the area. The plan simple, Ethan would track them down..and in the light of day...Maurice and November would dispose of the menace. Either by burning the whole place down, or by dragging them from their coffins which was a very risky way to deal with those creatures.

As time went on November became just what Maurice had wanted, cold and cruel when it came to vampires, yet always obidient when it came to her Master. Maurice is responsible for the tattoo upon her back and the brand upon her neck. A way of remind November of what she is and who her Master is..or was.

November's heart iced over due to this training. When she turned nineteen she and her Master headed out to find two vampires seen in the area. Tracking them down with the help of Ethan November and Maurice infiltrated their lair on the hour of twilight. Stepping inside Maurice threw the coffin's lid open and lept back, November stood there with a small handgun in her hand. As the light from the fading sun hit the vampire he left from his coffin in flames. The screams where horrible, they distracted November as the vampire headed straight for November. Holding up the gun she fired a round into his forehead, of course this would not kill the vampire bu it was able to stun him for a few moments. Enough time for Maurice to open up the rest of the windows. The vampire falling to a pile of dust on the ground. The sun faded, November turned to someone standing in the hallway..her eyes went wide as she recognized him. The young man before her was her childhood friend Rain..which ment the vampire she had just helped kill was Damian, the man who had adopted Rain. Rain turned to flee with Maurice persuing. She couldn't let her friend die, Firing a shot in the darkness she managed to hit her master in the back of the leg. Allowing Rain to escape into the night.

Once the three got home and Maurice leg was bandaged punishment came for November. Something so cruel that it cannot be mentioned. It was only six months after when Rain came to take revenge. Even now the members of the Des Marrow clan believe November had a hand in it. Though her story had never changed. Maurice died at the hands of Rain. Though her Master had died November was unable to regain her life. In the will everything he owned had been left to the right hand man of the clan leader, a young man by the name of Benjamin.

Benjamin was very pleased by the outcome of the will and promptly let November know her place. If she were to ever betray the clan everything would be taken from her, including her life. Looking back on her record he saw she had been able to kill fifteen vampires on her own in a short amount of time. Turning her into once of his best informants. Her job now is to gather information on vampires in this area and update the list of known vampires still alive. Ontop of that she was put incharge of the research that Maurice had been unable to finish. Maurice had a theory that since acids like Hydroflouric and Hydrocloric where corrosive to a humans skin, perhaps it would do the same to a vampire. However finding a way to utilize this knowledge effectivly was something that eluded him. Unable to test this out on Ethan since catching a vampire in the modern day was nearly impossible. November has been put in charge of this research as well as trying to find a more effective weapon against the vampire menace.



Name: Maurice

Age: 65 (deceased)

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Personality: Maurice was a man who could really put on a good facade. On the outside he looked like a gentle older man, however he was very cruel and serious about his work. IF anyone where to get in his way they where disposed of or harshly punished.

Looks: About 5'9", Maurice has tan skin and shoulder length grey hair as well as a thick grey beard. Normally wearing a pair of tan to black slacks with a white shirt, brown vest, and black coat. upon his right wrist was the brand of the Des Marrow clan.

History: Like his father, and his father before him, threw generations down the line MAurice was raised to be a fine vampire hunter of the Des Marrow clan. He learned the history of the clan and every possible way to kill a vampire. It was a job he enjoyed thouroughly. However this put not only him but his loved ones at risk.

Married at the age of 28 to a beautiful japanese woman by the name of Miyuki. The two were deeply in love and soon maurice fathered a son. Years past and the family stayed happy. Running the bookstore as his father's did before him. He never told Miyuki about what he really was. One night while he was out on bussiness with the clan, his family was attacked. Maurice came home to find his wife and young son slain by a few vampires that had escaped him. Though he quickly found and killed them, the wound in his heart never healed.

He continued his work as a vampire hunter, passing threw the television channel to see the story of a couple that had been slain. HAcking into the police computers he found out what had really happened. And tracked down the young girl that had been sent to the orphenage.

Upon getting his hands on her he decided to train her like a dog. Making her vicious, he grew to be very proud of his pet. Under his training she became quick, ruthless, and emotionless. When she questioned his methods, all he had to do was remind her of who killed her parents. That was enough to keep her in line. However she soon became his demise. As she let to go grocery shopping, the one she had let escape found his way into the bookstore. Maurice faught for his life but was no match for a vampire in the midst of the cold dark night. Maurice lost his life at the age of sixty five but is a legacy among the Des Marrow Clan.



Name: Ethan

Codname: Smilin Jack

Age: roughly 350 years old (Born sometime in the sixteen hundreds in Egypt)

Sex: Male

Race: Vampire

Personality: At the moment Ethan is a very weak vampire. In order to keep his undead life he has had to lead his brothers and sisters to their deaths. Something that still haunts him, yet an eternal death is something he is not looking foreward to. Ethan has a deep hate for November since she is the student of his old master Maurice. If Ethan ever gets free he has vowed to kill November in a horrible fashion.


History: Ethan was born in the sixteen hundreds in Egypt. The land of temples and sand, he loved his home there and though his family was very poor he was able to get food by stealing what he needed. At the age of seventeen he was taken by a female vampire and turned. At first he was very angry, not understanding what he had become. Yet as he got to know his Mistress he began to feel pity for her. She had been turned over two hundred years ago, right after she had found out she was pregnant. Since that motherly instinct was never fullfilled she had a need to surround herself with children of all ages. To be a mother to them. She was a lovely woman and a fine mother. She taught all of her little ones how to hunt well, and treated them with the utmost respect and love.

Ethan soon became known in his little village as the Blood Red Sandman. His skin the color of the sand itself with blood red hair. His kills where rather brutal, often spilling the blood of his victim over his body. For fifty years he hunted these streets with his new family. However he never noticed he was being watched. The hunters worked quickly to capture him. At dawn they infiltrated lair of the vampires. Killing the humans that worked for them. Dragging Ethans coffin out into the sun. Other vampire hunters infiltrated the home and set the place ablaze. Opening up the coffin the hunters let in enough light to horribly burn Ethan before closing it again. Nailing it shut and setting it in the back of their carriage.

As day turned into night they quickly opened up the coffin. Ethan was only able to kill two of them before he was subdued, chained. They explained to him what was happening, how he was now nothing more than a blood hound. Ethan suffered threwout the ages. Being starved, fed just enough to keep him moving. Used from that day foreward as a bloodhound. Responsible for so many deaths of his breathren. Each one of his masters horribly cruel to him. ethan eventually learned to give up..simply biding his time. He knows that eventually his freedom will come..and at that time he will kill everyone whom declares themself a vampire hunter.

Maurice is the one who gave him the codename Smilin Jack.



Name: Benjamin

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Race: claims to be human

Personality: Definatly a very dominant member of the Des Marrow clan. He enjoys pushing November around. Constantly remind her of her position in the organization. To the Elder of the Clan he is very humble and obidient to. However it seems to be just an act.

Looks: Long jet black hair tied back in a neat braid. His facial features are something unknown as he always wears a porcelian mask with a tear drop comming down the left eye. The only thing that can be seen is his eyes which are a dark brown color. Normally he can be found in a a white suit.

History: Not much is known about Benjamin. He tends to keep his own personal history secret from the others which has some members on edge.


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