Past RedWine Monthly Winners
(currently in no partule order because I was too lazy to keep tags on dates, sorry)
KatsnyaUser ImageTsivyUser ImageHimeUser Image

I-sapphira-IUser ImageNuPhiUser ImagekidneyUser Image

Jam(before she became an official judge)User ImageTsivyUser Image
[The_Fires_of_Heaven]User ImageBIack KidUser Image

Alkaia Nyx, Bolsheviki, Trapped in Imagination.

User Image
Unfortunately no pictures for these great avie makers,
once again I was lazy and failed to get images. But I will
from now on do my best to get images of the lovely avies. :]

November: Wintzi & Nezerro User Image
December QuimzerUser Image January: Hellotyler