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- To shut ones eye's is like dying.(Fool) - I rather shut my eye's the get a thousen spikes in my back.(realistic) - Yeea... but why die when u have a choice?(Fool) - maybe there is no reason with the ''choice''.(realistic) - If it had no reason then it woulden't exist.(fool) - Maybe so.. but if u lived like a courps would u choose life or death?(realistic) - Need's to be be thought about... btw who has said it end's with the thing we call death?(fool) - Why shouldent it end?(realistic) - U know that the end of a competition is when u cross the goal... But after that it's ur choise if u wanna cep on fighting the next competition.(fool) - Now we r back at choises again, but u got a point...(realistic) - What if u can choose where to go after death?(fool) - even so, that's just dreem's...(realistic) - Why do u come to that conclusion? U lack fantasi...(fool) - Fantasi is for fool's.(realistic) - But the world would be grey without them.(fool) -... A grey world? Sound's kinda boring... (realistic) - U see, that why we have colour film !(fool) - ... Now u talkling bullshit again, fool.(Realistic) - I'm a proud fool . There isn't many left now.(fool) - That's right, a dying specie.(realistic) - Everything that's created dies in thime, that's the work of nature.(fool) - Then there's only a grey future we r walking agains't . (realistic) - In the end there's only silent film!(fool) -... I dont understand how ur mind works... and i dont wanna know eighter.Realistic) - heheh.. (fool) - To live for dieing. As said there isn't mush to lock forward to...(realistic) - But to live for the day is absolute living whit ur head hold high, and u'll dont think of death when u live ur fullest...(fool) - U should be a poet... if life is so wonderfull then u shouldn't need to choise u should have the road right infront ur feet whit no worryise..(realistic) - If ur destany is desided to something u dont like it to be... would u follow it?(fool) - Everybody has the same destany anyway... born to die and created for nothing. and u cant choise away death...(realistic) - Have u tried? If ur so mush agains't this world then why are u refuseing to live in the other world ?(fool) - A world after this? Thats just nonsense... (realistic) - I dont understand that im thalking about this with someone as grey as u... (fool) - I call my self realistic...(<--) - Wate a sec, I KNOW! It's love, love overcome everything even death!(fool) - So love is immortal?(realistic) - That's right!(fool) - ... Then why doesn't people love eachother forever? Why do they let go of eachother when the ''spell'' is over?(realistic) - U have just been dumped of some girl u rely love right!...(fool) - What!!! I have not! Ur just to stupid *tryes not to take the knife and stick it thrue his heart*(realistic) - Haha! Am i that annoying? Then we must have the same opinion about eachoter... (fool) - mmmm... Sure.(realistic) - Well well, what conclution have we got with this talk?(fool) - That i dont like u...(realistic) - No, i think it must be... that we, people r not like eachoter. (fool) - Yea, but i've just desided that i've wasted my time litsening to come fool'f crap!(realistic) - And i've wasted it on litening to a realistic idiot^^(fool) - Funny, a fool and a realist... Bad conbiniation...(realistic) - Haha! Yea but it's still nice to be special!(fool) - Special or just an idiot?(realistic) - Oh that's cute, i love u to!(fool) - God help me...(realistic)
rofl -I'm getting DDddizzy!!!- rofl

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  • [06/09/09 05:11pm]
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