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Dana's journal:
The Long About Me
I'm guessing you're here because you want to know more about me? Well, here it is. This is really long, read it if you want. It will tell you a lot about me, a LOT. If you know me, it will tell you more.

Well, to start off, I live in the most horrid hole ever: Florida. It may look nice on TV and in pictures, but it's not like that at all. It's filled with crime, drama, and diseases. And we have REALLY bad traffic. Drivers can't drive fo s**t. (Hey, neither can I, but that's why I don't have a car! Nor do I want one because they cost money which I could be spending on something better!)

The most important things to know about me is that I'm a GAMER, a CYBERPUNK, and an ENTHUSIAST.

Gamer: I get on Xbox live every day just about, I play FPS and RTS. I've played VGs all my life, and I know a LOT about them, from beginning to end. My favorite games are: Resident Evil series, Silent Hill series, Fatal Frame series, The Orange Box and also anything else by Valve (I love you Valve!), and anything from 2K Games, like Borderlands an Bioshock. I ******** love video games. They are my inspiration and my entertainment. They are my life. (Besides my artwork.) And don't tell me I have no life for saying this, because I do other things too. If you want to add me on Xbox Live, PM me.

Cyberpunk: I am practical, affordable, and comfortable. Those are the three aspects I find most fitting of futuristic society and their fashion. (I'm also very fashionable, but that's not as important.) Cyberpunk is my style, I love the element of it. I prefer the future over the past, therefore I prefer Cyberpunk over Steampunk. Steampunk is fashionable, but not practical and usually not affordable if you want to look good. So Cyber>Steam.

Enthusiast: I am a VERY positive person. But for myself. I'm not the one to cheer you up when you dog has died, I'm the one to ignore you and go on with MY life so that you won't bring me down. If you know me in real life, you'll know me for this. This is one of my flaws. And it will not change. I will NEVER let someone else bring me down! Ever! Nobody will change that and that will never change. Understood?

Another important thing to know about me is that I don't take crap from anyone. I hate people that make life less fun, like cheaters, liars, and whiny bitches. I also hate people that decided to risk their lives, like having unprotected sex, smoking, drinking, or doing drugs. I'm not going to put my life into the hands of another, BECAUSE I AM THE ONLY ONE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. If you are one of the people who are risking your life? I'm not going to feel bad for you and listen to your sob story, I'm going to tell you that you're a dumb ******** and then beat the s**t out of you until you decide to stop. This is why I don't hang out in the Lifestyle Discussion forum, because I'd get banned for my words.
I can be sort of a b***h when it comes to s**t like that.

I'll tell you that I'm not like you. I classify myself as a mixture between a goth, a nerd, and a cyberpunk raver. I wear bright colors, video game stuff, and fluffy skirts on occasion. I've worn a biohazard mask, a labcoat, or trenchcoat in 90 degree weather, all in plain sight, to my school. At my school I'm known as "The lady that wears a lab coat." I take pride in the ways I am different. I also love goggles, I collect them like stamps.

Uh. I like art. And music. I draw like 24/7, no joke. I draw in school, at home, in the car, in restaurants, at friends, wherever. I draw A LOT. Why? Because I suck and I want to get better at drawing. I really like traditional art, I'm not fond of digital art because it's not physical and I would get bored. :/ I like to put my blood sweat and tears into my artwork, sometimes, quite literally. As I always say, there's no Artisan in Digital, meaning you can't make a sculpture on the computer. If you don't agree, good for you. I like to draw fashion designs, costume designs, and also creature designs. When I get older, I want to go to school for costume design for movies. On the side, I would like to design characters and creatures for video games and the like.

I listen to Japanese music, big deal, mainly because it helps me learn the language. But it's inspiring for my artwork as well. I like looking up the bands in pictures to see their crazy a** outfits and their awesomeness. My favorite? Malice Mizer, no doubt. Japan's finest cross dresser, Mana, was the guitarist. They broke up, but I still love them more than any other band.

Umm, other than that, I can see s**t. Like, ghosts and s**t. It's not very fun, believe me, hearing s**t when you're trying to ******** sleep is really really annoying. ********... Ghosts. ********. And the damn birds! I think I'm just crazy. But it;s always the crazy ones that appear sane and the sane ones that appear crazy.

I think the reason I see ghosts of birds is because... Well, I used to have tons of them, tropical macaws, cockatoos, everything, over at my dad's house... And one day the house caught on fire because of a messed up cable that was plugged in... And they all died. Every single one of them. I never saw the house afterward. I think the birds want to, I don't know, see me again...

On to a more positive note!

"I take pride in the strange things I do."

I like the word ********. I also like the word ********, ********, metric ******** and inevitable.
Favorite Colors: Neon things. I mostly like Lime green and Neon blue.
Foods: Powdered Mini Doughnuts, Bagels with cream cheese, Carbonated Candy, Agave Nectar (Sugar Substitute in my house), cookie dough ice cream, dried mango, aaaand, uh, I really like Japanese onion soup.
Other stuff: Zombies, Aliens, Vampires (to an extent), Egyptian mythology, mythology in general, learning about diseases and medical things. I like nerf guns, airsoft guns, and swords.
My favorite things to wear: My goggles. I've got almost ten pairs of goggles but by far my favorite pair are the ones I bought from a nice guy on eBay that got me over 600 inserts for the lenses. I can change the lenses every day for SIX YEARS. Now that's a lot of lenses. (There's a back color and a front design. Also, I make my own inserts on occasion.)


Do you think I'm an a*****e for what I've said? Well, like I said, I don't care! I am who I am! You will never change that! I will never change who I am, purposely. I've chosen my mind, my thoughts, and so have you. If yours are different than mine, then great. To each his own! I respect you and you should respect me.

Respect is the only thing we need in this world, without it, we are nothing.

And that is not a quote, that is from MY MIND. And no one else, like all of this journal.

If you read any of this, comment! (Please?)

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