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Dance, my puppets! Dance! :)
I believe life is wild and crazy...read if you must...not saying all of what I say will make sense.
incase i find an interesting forem
The one pulling my strings: darksangel34
You may call me: Irayne D. LaCresch
I am a: angel
I Appear to be: 17
But I am really: 19
My abilities are:unknown at the moment
I am like this:Irayne is a sweet and kind person, unless you make her made. then shell use all of her being to get revenge. with some weird twist of randomized karma Irayne knows that wiht a quick glance and a smile she can have anyboy wrapped around her finger.
This is my life: shes spent most of her time outside and up in trees. she doesnt know much about her parents because they ignored her
I like these: sweet, music, and the outdoors, she really likes beng alone adn off in her own world
I can't stand: most people, bitter things, and people telling her what to do
I almost forgot: she has a bewitching voice, so if you here her singing watch out! she also can dance and most of the time looks like a human since she can conceal her wings in her back.
This is me:User Image

My name is [Cillian A. Braedon]
I am [18]
I am a [human]
My collars [red, black, dark blue, sky blue]
My charms [rose, sword, book, music note, pan]
I get yelled at a lot because [Cillian is a shy person though when she does get to talking she may not be the nicest person and is seldom ever sweet and nice.]
What happened before here [Cillian dosent remember how she got here but has a photographic memory when it comes to everybody but herself. She is specialized in pressure points and is great with swords and guns. She has a fear of other woman, another unknown reason why, and she knows that with one smile she can have any man wrapped around her finger.]
controlled by: [darksangel34]
User Image


Username: darksangel34
Name: Alana FizGerald
Interests: shes gifted with instraments, paints, ciggerettes, and has an obsession with knives.
Why your here: sshe killed her neighbors dashound
claiming that it tried to tear her apart. this was when she was forced to quit ciggerttes.
Likes: flowers(perferably sunflowers), silence, men, people actually taking the time to listen to her, cigerttes
Dislikes: women, loud nosies, dogs, mirrors
Bio: Alana was prety much sane but for some reason she just totally lost it. she has a cigerette addiction. she loved the outdoors and was a gardener. she also had a photographic memory, and could never forget anything.
Identification: User Image

||The person controlling my strings||
||The name I was given by birth||
Elvira Lolita
||But I go by this||
||The candles on my birthday cake||
||I know I’m a||
||but I'm liking||
||I'm a ||
Dones d'aigua
||Look at what I can do||
Vira is somewhat of a siren, she can mesmerize and calm anybody with the sound of her delicate voice.if one looks into her eyes, they fall inlove with her instantly.
||What People Say i'm like||
Vira's often a quite person, finding silence more enjoyable than sound.She adapts to which ever kind of person makes who she is talking to most agreeable to be around. She does this because she cant take on a human personality except for being a temptress ( like most of her kind) but she doesn’t like to play that card, so she reenacts the moods of others that she has seen. (Accents too)

||Biographyll Vira like most of her kind, spent most of her life in the spanish gulf below the surface of the ocean. She dosnt speack english very well ,if at all. She struggles with it. She doesn’t talk much(half the time not knowing how to rely) and says little about herslef. There appears to be more aobut her, but she has revealed nothing…
||In the mirror||
User Image
|| A song in my head ||
For Guinevere

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