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kibe's saying and storys
storys and just me talking or thinking
So i have it for later :
Madame Chanel had brisked across the small town, trying to gather a few things herself for her home. The gorgeous mysterious mansion that rested on the east side of the village. Usually the personal shoppers or the maids took care of this, but today felt right to shop for herself. She walked wearing gorgeous attire. The outfit hugged her soft pale curves just to her liking, while the hat rested upon her long curls of a chocolate velvet. A man hurried behind her, carring her bags as she walked. Just as she was turning the corner, a flash of grey in a window caught her dark emerald eyes and she walked in the small place to see what it was. It was a kitten. With a teeny smile painted on her glossy red lips she slid her hand down and pet the kitten, "Why are you alone?" She asked it.


Josie Jayy, the name that she had taken in ever since she started modeling, sat up in bed quickly, as if she had a nightmare or something, but it wasn't a nightmare. The party last night had run very very late, and she had gotten barely any sleep, so this caused her to sleep in for most of the day. She quickly shot up out of bed and checked her blackberry to see what time her shoot was. She ran her fingers through her gorgeous thick brown hair that was always in perfect curls. Her tan thin body was shaped and unique. Her eyes were big and bright blue, which made her look even more unique. Native almost. She brushed her teeth quickly, then only put on a bit of makeup, since it would be done for her anyways. She dressed in something simple but tight and sexy, knowing that it too, would be changed for the shoot. She pulled on some black stilettos and rushed out the door to catch a taxi. She caught one with ease then slid in and they rushed her to the place where she needed to be. She was perfectly on time, well just a tad late. She got her hair and makeup done and then smiled as she walked out in what looked like gorgeous black lingerie. She had more curls and soft makeup, but bright lips. It was a bedroom scene. She walked in and smiled at the photographer, who happened to be a gorgeous man.


Patience sat at a dark black wood throne, her long pale legs crossed and gorgeous black stilettos with red backs rested on her feet. She tapped her long black nails against the throne, making an annoyed tapping sound. Her eyes were an amber red with little dark dark gold orbs inside of them. Her dark amber hair was in curls all the way down her body, ending at her waist. She wore a black dress with red fringe. It had no sleeves and was long in the back with a lace trail and short in the front, showing off her lovely thighs. She smoked a drag, which was laced with perfume that gave off a gorgeous deathly scent instead of the usual sickening cigarette smell. She impatiently continued to tap her nails until it got the best of her, "Enough.. Everything has began to bore me lately." She told the woman next to her that wore a maid uniform. She stood and unfolded her dark demonic wings and evaporated to a dark place full of furries. Once she secretly picked one out, the man had him drugged. By the time he woke up, she already had his collar on, and his clothes removed. How would it be fun and entertaining with clothing on. She heard his voice from her throne (which rested high in her castle). She stood up, her heels clinking against the hard floor of the dark castle. Still smoking the long drag between her gorgeous full bright red lips, she smiled demonically at the handsome pet, "Welcome home my dear pet." She told him with a gleam in her eyes, "A feisty one are you?" She commented with a chuckle.

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