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Mirror to my soul
Yep...look inside and see how perverted I really am.
Ares Faure
This gal is new...made specifically for a RP that I recently joined (Midnight Hours). Here, I am redoing her to suit my personal interests rather than of the roleplay.

Anything pertaining to a 'Coven' is for the aforementioned roleplay specifically.

Name: Ares Faure
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-twenties
True Age: 367
Race: Half vampire, half succubus
Abilities: Naturally, she has all the powers of your ‘common’ vampire, as well as those of a succubus. However, since she is only half of each, such abilities are weakened. Conversely, skills that both races possess are on par, if not stronger than those of full blood. For example, it is because of her mixed heritage that Ares has very strong mental capabilities. She is a telepath of sorts, but her skill is more of a charismatic nature. Using her unnatural ability to charm, she can dominate minds by appealing to her opponent’s more sensuous thoughts. Such skill does not end there, for she also has the capability to prey upon one’s fears as well. Since she is only half vampire though, Ares is not as strong as most; but she more than makes up for it in agility. Her fighting still utilizes both her speed and grace, but also takes full advantage of overly feminine movements making it appear more like a dance than an actual attack. However, it is her ability to combine her charm with her knowledge of poisons that makes her so deadly. Slipping past the defenses of many, only to leave them wondering if it was the drink that she spiked or the kiss that left them gasping for air in their final moments.
Appearance: Ares is of average height and weight with a curvy, pale-bronze body. Ares’ white hair is long, often causing annoying strands to fall in front of her golden eyes. Her full bangs are at a medium length, stopping just before her eyes but completely covering her arched eyebrows. Ares only dons clothing that will compliment her feminine features. Her formfitting top is a long sleeved, black turtle neck, half shirt that reveals ample stomach and shows just how busty she really is. Her low rise, tight black jeans reveal even more of her middle section. All of the unnecessary exposure displaying her poor excuse of rebellion, tribal tattoo on her lower back—a tramp stamp as so many have come to refer to it as, and a pierced navel. The style of her black boots chosen for the same reason as anything else she wears; accentuation. The knee high, stiletto boots give the illusion of longer, shapely legs.
Personality: Coming soon...
Weapons/Accessories: Faure’s weapons of choice are pair slim black daggers. The blood groves of said blades are often filled with a poison of her choosing. The weapons are kept out of sight; secured against bottom of her forearms, all it takes is a simple flick of her wrists to bring them to bare. Switching to more conventional weapons from time to time, Ares has found herself growing rather found of silenced pistols as of late. Though never carried on her person, there are many strategically placed throughout her home. Also, for whatever reason you have one handy; she’d be more than willing to use it if you handed it over.
History: No, Ares was not a succubus that was ‘turned’; but rather she was born they way she was naturally. Most believe that vampires do not have the ability to reproduce naturally, but she is living proof that they can. Her mother, a succubus that even the strongest willed men and women could not find it within themselves to deny; met her match when she came upon a rather handsome vampire. The two powerful demon-folk came together; each one seducing the other. When it was discovered what they had both been doing to one another, the seduction stopped, only to be replaced by true emotions. They both were ungodly forces to be reckoned with in guises of gorgeousness. Who would ever come to suspect two beautifully innocent looking souls to share the same goals of domination? No one…and they took the surrounding area by storm; becoming Lord and Lady by force rather than by birthright. They would have continued hadn’t they been blessed with an heir. A beautiful baby girl.

Ares was raised luxury. Her parents spoiled her to no end, and even those that resided in the surrounding towns pampered her as a child. They hated her parents, but they reasoned that if she was pleased as a child, she would have mercy on the generations to come when she ascended to ruler of the lands. No such thing ever happened. True, she had grown up with little distaste for humans because of their kindness. But, she was still the daughter of demons, and she was raised to be one herself. Superiority was bred into her, skills in deception were spoon fed, and god, had she developed a streak of evil all her own. That however, had not been what doomed the generations to a dictatorship; but rather the fact that she had left the country, leaving her parents in control even when they had wished to give up the rights to the land to her.

That had all happened quite some time ago, Her parents still ruled with iron fists; still looking as young as they did all those years ago. As for the young Faure, she now resides in the downtown area of a decent sized city. Her home belying her upbringing, she owns a small condo overlooking the busy streets of the city. It is a modest place that few have seen. To those that know her, she has been dubbed an ‘untouchable’. She has used her charming skill to ally with many; but with the exception of a few, only those who have passed on have known her private company. News travels fast, and her talents did not go unnoticed, for she had been employed by many. After whispers of her deeds had reached the ears of more powerful figures, it hadn’t been too long before she became a Coven emissary.

Ares does not hold any authoritative standing in the Coven, but she prefers to keep it that way…for now. In her mind, her lower rank often causes others to underestimate her abilities. It often works to her advantage, allowing her to slip past the personal defenses of others easily. It is because of this that she is usually called upon for two types of jobs: assassination, and information. She has worked her way into the bedrooms of many, only to leave a few minutes later with a poisoned corpse in her wake. However, if she was told to gather information, her target may live for as long as they prove themselves useful.

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