I just woke up; it's 4:15am.

I had this weird dream. I haven't dreamed much recently but that's another story.

I remember only pieces of it, starting with waking up one morning to my neighbor building onto his house. Next it gets weird. I'm in a car with two other people, not sure who, but I knew the place, I had been there in another dream. It's this kind of resort place, but I was there before on some kind of mission but not now. We drove around the resort place for a while looking for a restaurant. I see it every time we pass it, but don't say anything because I don't like why I am there, I feel like a prisoner. Finally I say ' Route de Savannah' which was the restaurant, but somehow the restaurant changed it's name since the last time we drove past. It now said 'Rout de Samannah'.

Next we are inside at a curved booth, shaped like a long U. More people show up and discussions begin at the table, I have no idea what they talked about I was in the corner at the base of the U. They were talking and I thought for a moment about somehow proving someone had a baby, not sure who.

Here is why I decided to write this.

Next I'm in this house. I know it's my Grandmother's but not my actual Grandmother's, it was someone else. Eventually we are attacked by this rodent shaped thing that was extremely old, almost ancient. My 'Grandmother' defeated it and that ends this part.

Sometime passes, I'm returning to that area and visiting neighbors and see a man with two small children, for some reason they are my father, brother, and sister, although In flesh I would not know them. The rodent-thing attacks again and I'm sitting on a platform in another dimension, I guess, watching it with my 'father' and two neighbors. I pull from my bag a zip-lock bag of candy and throw it to my 'father' saying 'here, I still have this. I don't eat candy much.' After seeing my 'fathers' reaction I am reminded of my actual father.

Next I find myself running to the side of the house and into the backyard where I find people with torches looking for the rodent. One man purposely drops the torch to ignite a fire. I immediately tackle him and he says 'I am ( i dont remember) I was friend to (Don't remember; I know it was my 'grandmother'), this house belongs to me.' I scream at him ' No, I am the firstborn grandson of (grandmother) this is my residence and job.'.

Next I find myself in battle against the rodent and came out victorious. I say to it 'I am the firstborn of ('grandmother') and it is my job to defeat you throughout time.

Within the dream I remember the resort place and what I did there before. I was much younger and feel like the rodent was there before.

That's about it really, now I need to go do my homework.