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Ive decided to write a story online, just for fun. Ill do it bit by bit, so if you want to read it, youll have to be patient.. heh.

Striking impulses of unbearable pain shot throughout his body. The glistening blade; reflecting the overlooking moon, pierced his chest; sending him crashing to his knees. A sudden silence overtook the area, all of nature ceased its action. The bitter wind no longer blew, and the furtive animals halted in their tracks; curious as to what had happened. Blood spurted out of the wound as the elegant blade was withdrawn. A blank stare dominated his face, as he fell to the hard, cold ground; which seemed to be deriding his futile efforts. His vision, now midnight black, he was powerless to stop his soul from departing his body.

A stunning figure stood there, towering over the lifeless body. His demeanor was relaxed and his breathing steady; it seemed as if he was not remotely bothered that he had just killed a man. His expression appeared pleased, but the black headwrap around his face covered an eye, making it hard to truly tell. A small breeze picked up, blowing his long, free, brown hair which beset his face nicely. He put away his blade into a back mounted sheath that was partially covered by a brown sash which hid most of his upper body. His arms revealed the leather armor underneath; which seemed to be crafted by an expert tailor.

"Ignorant fool", he remarked, insulting the already dead man. "You were wrong to ever associate yourself with me."

Content with the outcome of the encounter, he turned and left the scene, leaving the man to fade away with the night.

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