Background story draft: Chisa is the result of 2 kitsunes... A black-fur kitsune and a white one... It all began with when a young black kitsune was being left to drown after hitting their head on a rock when swimming... with the ones with familial ties to the black one choosing to abandon them at that time given the chance for reasons unknown... However being in a populated place the black kitsune was still saved after being taken to a local clinic sometime later... a white kitsune and its mother were the ones who saved the black kitsune's life from the injuries alongside the drowning with their power to use the power of Spin for medical purposes along side other uses...
Years pass and both are older... something happens in the future where they end up meeting again,
White takes Black to talk about something and asks for Black's help. Thinking on it Black accepts the request to help. They move to steal an odd kind of fruit that seems to cure anything at the cost of something else, like a form equivalent exchange.

more stuff happens and they were some how fused together... only one of there bodies were found nearby with some features missing. As well as the one who would be Chisa.


Monster Academy Thing - Unfamiliar encounters by Adorkable Yandere

Profile Skeleton

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▷▷▶ Hello There [Kerrowe] ◀◁◁

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                                                              Tell Me About Yourself

                                                              RPC Name: Nikolai Jilvi
                                                              Age: XX
                                                              Date of Birth: 12/7
                                                              Race: Revenant
                                                              Gender: Male?
                                                              Orientation: Unknown.

                                                              Go On Darling

                                                              Likes: [atleast 3]Music boxes, Games, Watching people, Acting on Vendettas, Loyalty, Hunting.
                                                              Dislikes: [atleast 3]Disloyalty, Indecisiveness, "Unfairness", Discarding things, Anyone attempting to wrong him.
                                                              Favorite Subject: Human Studies
                                                              Personality: [atleast 4] Attemping to be calm but can be quick to set off, Not actively malicious to strangers or to those that are close... usually, Passionate, Ruthless, Steadfast, Unforgiving, Vengeful

                                                              Ooo You Look Like That!?

                                                              Human Appearance:
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                                                              Monster Appearance: [can be the same if close enough]

                                                              And What About You is Special?

                                                              Magic/Abilities: [max 3] [if human N/a]
                                                              Chains of the Condemned (Action binding magic) - A wave chains cast forward out binding anything in its path with barbed chains.
                                                              Blood Penance - Enables a form of healing by inflicting harm upon others, but causes bleeding to self. Can be cast upon others but they too must bleed for it. Better results if the blood of any victims lands in users wounds.
                                                              Vengeful Protection. Casts a short-lasting but great strong protective shield that turns absorbed damage into temporary power for twice as long as it holds out.. Cannot be cast again while the temporary power is active and requires a lot of magic energy.

                                                              More! Tell Me More!

                                                              Bio: (Nikolai Jilvi), during his time of the living...he fought in a distant past in a war against many. Details of what happened in his past has been forgotten or possibly kept to himself for the most part... but it is known at least someone who he got close to died during his lifetime and he has yet to have moved on from that even after the events have finished. He came back to life as a revenant recently and It is likely he died doing whatever it was afterwards or trying. In place of some lost limbs from his time of death are replacements for his left arm and eye in the form soul energy. He holds respect for people strongly in what could be called old-fashioned should they earn his.
                                                              (Nikolai Jilvi) comes to the school after being caught up to due to his more violent actives in the human were noticed, and is attempting to learn to become more calm and move on after being reached out to. Though a most of them do not seem to have any obvious personal connection him to them.

                                                              Oh, And Then What?

                                                              Theme Song: Reign - Yakuza 0/ Ryu Ga gotoku 0
                                                              Other: Break the Rules - Payday 2 (Scarface Heist)
                                                              Shadow of the Ash - Mircale of Sound
                                                              Tears - Health

                                                              Something Just For Me

                                                              Dorm #: [[will be filled out by Thread Leader]
                                                              Adorkable Yandere