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Memoires of a Confused College Student
Detailed accounts of crazy things that happen on campus.
Project X
I finally started my own manga....although its taking me forever just to draw one page. I need m4d 5killz......and photoshop. I also need time, I barely have time to write in this journal thing let alone do any extracurricular activities. I guess being a chemistry major was not the smartest choice I made in my life. Plus, nothing eventful has happened in my life. emo So I never have anything to talk about.

Yesterday my friend Candyce and I planned on making up a sample for our comic to submit to publishers for a price estimate. However, we realized that we didn't have adequate software programmage, so we ended up wasting our entire time surfing the net. Which was sad, b/c she ended up staying my room for 6 hours, yet we got zero work done.

Shabana Mir came on Thursday to give a speech about woman scholarship in Islam. But everything she said was kinda what I expected her to say; it wasn't very insightful. And she didn't say anything about what we can do to allow for more female scholarship in Islam; she just ranted about how there wasn't any. But I guess coming up with a good answer to such a problem isn't easy to do, so I give her credit for at least pointing the problem out.

On Wednesday I saw Final Fantasy Advent Children again. This time I payed attention to the fight scenes and noticed how intricate the choreography was.....although it was hard to see b/c my copy was bootleg and everyone moves so fast. I also noticed how choppy the movie was, with all its random scenes. I guess randomness works for video game movies, but not for full length feature movies.

I don't even remember what I did on Tuesday or Monday, aside from going to class.

I also watched the entire season of Claymore. Although I absolutely loved it, I was disappointed in the ending. That Priscilla should've died. Oh well, might as well just read the manga......once I have time given I have to finish drawing my own manga.

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