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Sun and Moon
Setsua Part Two
Due to the way I was created and due to how I was born from nothing and everything I couldn't suppress this happiness. In my eyes I could not see how selfish they could be. I could not understand the look of lust which would shudder in the views of men who saw both beauty and power. I could not see a murderer nor could I hate them or even dislike them. To me these creatures humans so to speak were both my parents and my children both in need of protection and nurture.

They laid their eyes still on me before they'd start to squint and become confused. This was because they had no faith and no belief in me mostly only for the reason that I had never been known...still the youngest peered longer and gasped in huddled voices and words one like me could not understand though I could feel the words in their essence. As if I faded all together from their view my presence had apparently left so they quickly dropped their weapons in respect and left me. I had tried to let them see me I had not moved and there was no fog but only few could see a goddess and even fewer could grasp what they saw.

I had followed them beyond these boulders of trees fall behind. Watching with my eyes but listening with my. core or heart as you humans would call it. I watched them shake in energetic burst as they told stories of the figure laced in sunlight "gold" and moonlight silver. They spoke highly of me..I could feel this. I gained a new feeling this was the feeling of pride which to this day I can rightfully say I own.

After that they decided they'd give me a name that's right. I never just had my name..I was given one by the people. Sometimes the children or the most old of the elderly would see me clearly. Some with powerful presences with eyes which saw only the truth and had faith in the power of me would grasp and speak of my loving charm and beauty.

Setsua was and is my name. To this day I do not know its meaning I only know that it was to symbolize who I was and what I stood for which I personally adored.
They would tell amongst themselves that I was the lady of the wish and if you asked for my assistance I would aid you in your quest of happiness. I myself sort of liked the idea but being worshiped as a "Goddess" didn't mean I was what I considered "Godlike". For instance I did not bring the dead back..I could not and should not it wasn't the nature of myself.

I could not hold a crying child as they wailed and whispered words of sadness when they became orphaned from the beasts which laid within the depths of the forests and valleys. I could not comfort ones who would not see though I tried.

The powers in which I had were limited to a great extent. Though I had endless power it would flee only to things under the right circumstances which most did not know of. Yet I could force power...it would drain and harm me in weird ways. Other emotions of pain which I didn't want would soak up into me. To help someone truly in need I only knew of ways to remove the sorrow and by removing that sorrow I accepted another emotion but most emotions weren't tasteful and clashed with hate into the others which had set my love for the humans.

What I could do to those who believed me was bring gentle dreams and aid them on their quests for simple things. Like good food before the winter. Positive dreams to bring them rest at night and small offerings, ideas to create weapons like designs, I did not know what a weapon was and to me it was viewed as a beautiful creation the rocks being carved into sharp objects and the effort of putting the leather of an animal as the handle seemed intelligent it wasn't until later that I realized the purpose of a weapon. Emotions which would form in their head into words that could help them in their quest for love. Or little nudges of healing their bodies by stopping infections. This was forever my duty and I did it proudly for me one less child which cried at night when the bugs crawled onto their skin or one more being whom could eat his fill for another night brought me happiness and it stayed like this until I finally broke the rule of myself and clawed myself..Raw.

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