Hi I am Courtney....lame rite i know..ha ha ha...I'm very bored all the time and spend most of life on gaia...he he he ha ha ha ho ho ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well not all the time just most of it.....i get ubor bored very easily..yeah it doesn't take much i getting bored already talkin bout my self..i dont really knw what i am doin but hey thats just normal..when do i ever????I have a dog name luna Azul..... just so you know that means "blue moon"....she's a husky...she's gorgeous..hopefully one day when i figure out how i will put a pic of her on my profile biggrin she has lighting cristal eyes...well i could talk bout her all day...she has more to talk about then i dooo..lolz now thats sad....I have a cat named court...hes kool some pplz call him dumb =( which is not kool cuz not everyone can be smart smile ....im not and i get by just well>>>>my name is courtney .....oh wait darn i said that aleady!!!!!*snaps finger* i have stupid red hair..doo doo brown eyes....ugly wavy hair but i like to keep it straitened till it rains..lolz..nuthin against rain though...rain is kool...wow im talkin out rain now...shows how lame and bored i am!!!!!i think tv nerds are awesomely cute for instance Michael Cera! McLovin i dont know his really name lolz..ha ha ha..... well ima goooo I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blaugh