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Diary of a JESUS FREAK!
Please read? I know I don't update often, but I love comments! ^_^
I wrote this at 7 AM one morning, I hope you enjoy, please don't send me any hate letters because of this.


HE was perfect.
HE is perfect.
HE always would be perfect.
HE came down into my messy life. HE belonged in heaven. Why then did HE come into the cesspool where I lived?


HE walked down in to a dark and slimy cave. HE knew she was there. Blood and slime covered the walls and floor, yet none of it touched HIS perfect bare feet.
Awful, nightmarish creatures swarmed around HIM, all wishing HE would just leave. The creatures had once been beautiful creations, perfectly made, their bodies all of the perfect proportion. Now, their bodies were shriveled and distorted. Their stomachs were unnaturally bloated, their legs withered to the point that the creatures had to crawl on their hands to get around. Sometimes, a creature would be seen whose face looked like half of it had slid off. Awful yellow and green fumes clouded in front of their face as they exhaled and laughed. Yes, laughed, at HIM. Perfect, sweet, loving HIM. But why was HE here? What did HE want with her?
As HE stepped deeper into the muck and slime, the creatures laughed even harder, their breath wheezy and rasping. A few of the more bold dared to dart forward, skittering across HIS path, daring HIM to challenge them. Their foolhardy boldness gave out before HE could reach them and they all quickly scuttled out of HIS way, dragging their deformed bodies across the room. In the background, mutilated creatures beat a haunting rhythm on blood soaked drums. The rhythm pounded against the beating hearts of the mortals, wearing them down, discouraging them, trying to discourage HIM. For the demons fought only for their prince of darkness.
And there the prince was, proud and regal in his dominion of nightmares. At the other end of the room the dark prince stood behind her broken, chained body. The prince was almost as beautiful as HE was, but in a darker way. The prince stood, darkness oozing out of his very being. While HE stood there, light emanating from HIM so brightly it hurt the eyes.
The dark prince smiled, bending down to hug her from behind, stroking her hair. The prince lifted his eyes, looking at HIM, his eyes were taunting, mocking. “She is mine, Immanuel, you cannot save her.”
Immanuel’s eyes flashed with anger and sadness. “It is not for you to say what I can and cannot do. I AM. There is nothing impossible for me.” HE stretched out HIS hand. HIS hand was perfect in every way…except for one small flaw. The flaw stood out like a slap in the face to the prince of darkness. What was the flaw? It was one, ragged scar in the center of HIS palm.
The prince growled quietly, his beautiful features twisted with rage and helplessness.
Immanuel smiled sadly. “I bought her. She is mine, my beautiful, pure bride.” HE lowered HIS hand, the scar seeming to glow slightly.
The prince managed a weak laugh, trying to tear his eyes away from the scar. “She is no longer beautiful, no longer pure. Look!” He said, with obvious relish. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of the chains that bound her, hauling her up by the wrists. “Each of these chains has a name, and when bound, she is as helpless as a babe.” He laughed, lifting up one of the strands of chains. “This one, drugs.” He dropped the chain, letting it dangle limply. He chose another. “Cutting. You wouldn’t want a girl whose wrists are all scarred, now would you?” He smirked challengingly at Immanuel, daring him to object, to make excuses for her. “And another!” The prince cried with delight. “Anorexia. She can hardly look at food anymore. And the last one?” He said, slowly, dramatically lifting the last chain, the largest. The drums beat an even more crazed rhythm. The prince grinned with delight. “Atheism.” He said softly, then raised his beautiful, deceiving golden eyes, looking levelly at Immanuel. “Immanuel. She. Doesn’t. Believe. In. You.” He stated simply, his voice mocking, knowing how much this would hurt the perfect being before him.
Tears ran down Immanuel’s cheeks. HIS shoulders trembled violently as sobs shook HIS body. “My bride…” HE whispered, staring at her, HIS face twisted with anguish. Somehow, it made HIM seem even more beautiful.
The prince laughed mockingly, his laughter ringing through the room, drowning out the awful pounding of the drums. The demon’s laughed with him, their laughs wheezy, filling the room with suffocating fumes. “Yes, cry ‘my lord’” The prince said mockingly, walking towards HIM. “Weep, cry, wail. You no longer own your bride. She is mine. Forever!” The prince said, stopping in front of Immanuel. The drums continued to pound, mocking along with their dark master.
Immanuel stared at him, HIS cheeks streaked with tears. “Lu.” He said softly, pleading, watching the prince stiffen.
“Don’t call me that!” The prince whispered, his voice quivering with wrath.
Immanuel smiled sadly. “So you do remember? Standing at the foot of MY Father’s throne, worshiping, reveling in HIS glory?”
The prince clenched his hands into fists. “Stop! Stop it!”
Immanuel held out HIS hand once more. “Come back to ME, Lu?” HE pleaded.
The demons fell completely silent. All eyes turned, locking onto Immanuel and the prince. The laughter stopped. The war drums ceased. Silence fell as heavy as wool cloak soaked with water.
“Lucifer?” Immanuel whispered. “What is your choice? Will you come back to me, Lu?”
The prince licked his lips nervously, his beautiful eyes flickering around the room, finally resting on Immanuel’s outstretched hand. For just a moment, a nanosecond, temptation flickered in his eyes. Memories of dancing around The Father’s throne glowed in his mind. The prince remembered what it was like, to sing, to praise, to dance for all he was worth, the joy of it all had been so sweet…so sweet. Now though, it was different. The prince’s eyes hardened and he spat at Immanuel’s bare feet. “Those memories taste like bile to me now.” He growled. “I would never agree to come back to YOU."
A tear slid down Immanuel’s cheek. “I know. I know you won’t.”
“That’s right.” The prince sneered. “Because you’re the I AM. The ‘Unchanging One’, right?” He mocked.
Immanuel smiled softly. “Yes. Now, give me my bride.”
The prince reached out to the right and snapped his perfect fingers. A demon scuttled forward, his left hand withered and turned back on itself. In the demon’s right hand was gripped a longbow made from black wood, as black as coal, as black as its owner’s heart. The prince snatched up the bow and in his hand appeared an arrow made of flames. The prince’s arm whipped up, bringing the bow up in front of his body, the arrow set in place on the bowstring. The fiery point set dead level with Immanuel’s chest. The prince’s shoulders heaved. “If YOU want her, YOU must fight for her.” He challenged, a tiny bit of fear flickering in his eyes. Even the prince of darkness, as powerful as he was, knew he was no match for The Word Made Flesh.
Immanuel’s eyes remained impassive. “I already have.” HE said, holding out HIS hands, revealing the glowing scars.
The prince drew back, the arrow shaking in his grip. He gripped the bow until his knuckles turned white.
Immanuel spoke again. This time, HIS voice resonated, deep and loving, it rattled the bones and caused the prince to cringe. “Lower your weapon.
The prince shook, sweat breaking out on his brow. His body fought it, but there was no denying his Creator. Slowly, the weapon was lowered, then dropped to the ground. Its owner soon followed, kneeling before the LORD.
Immanuel stepped around him, almost touching the prince on the shoulder before stepping up to HIS bride. HE knelt before her, staring down at her chained body. “MY daughter, MY bride. My darling…” HIS voice dropped to a whisper, bending HIS head close to her face. “Sweetie…look up. Look at me.” He pleaded.
Slowly, her eyes opened, staring up at HIM. Her cheeks were bruised and hollowed, dark rings marred the skin under her eyes. Her body was thin and frail, like a bird’s. Scars ruined the once perfect skin on her wrists and arms. Her hair hung in dirty clumps around her face. Her dress had once been white and pure, a virgin’s dress. Now it was ripped and torn, streaked with mud and muck, no longer pure, no longer a virgin.
Immanuel smiled, she was still beautiful to HIM. “I can take this pain from you…let me have it…please?” HE said, holding out HIS scarred, perfect hand to her.
She stared at him, then turned her head away in shame, tears burning her eyes.
Immanuel’s eyes saddened. “Please, don’t turn away. You’ve been gone too long. Let me care for you. Let me take your pain, your chains. You only need to say the word, and they will be removed.”
Slowly, she nodded, her hair hiding her face.
Immanuel smiled brightly, HIS white teeth shining. The chains snapped off, falling uselessly to the slimy floor. Immanuel reached forward and scooped HIS bride up in HIS arms. Cradling her in one arm, Immanuel reached out HIS other hand and picked up the chains, draping them around HIS own neck. “Let’s get rid of these chains, okay?” HE said comfortingly to HIS beloved. HE walked past the kneeling prince, carrying her towards the entrance of the cave. The demons watched in silence, not one of them moved as The Lord of Heaven and Earth walked out. As Immanuel reached the entrance, a voice called out to HIM.
“My Lord.”
Immanuel glanced back, HIS eyes kind.
The prince raised his head. For once, his eyes did not hold the mocking glint. “Every time we have confronted each other, YOU have offered me a chance to come back…. why?” He asked.
Immanuel smiled. “Because. We were friends. I remember watching you dance, hearing you sing. You were…so happy. Are you happy now, Lu? Truly? Or has jealousy tainted your heart too much?”
The prince scowled. “I will never forgive YOU for what YOU did. I deserved YOUR power! YOU should be the one bowing to me!”
Immanuel shook HIS head sadly. “No Lucifer. It was not meant to be. It never will.”
The prince shook with rage, his face twisted with hate.
Immanuel turned to leave, then called over his shoulder. “Next time I see you, I will offer MY hand to you again.”
“I will never accept it!” Was the harsh answer.
“I know.” The LORD said, walking out with HIS bride in HIS arms.
The prince knelt there, surrounded by his hordes of silent demons. No one moved for a long time. Finally the prince stood, picking up the bow. He turned and snarled to his demons. “Get back to work! Pound the drums of war! If we are to lose this war, then we will take out as many of Immanuel’s people as possible! Ready the chains! Get out my favorites, suicide, rape, porn, homosexuality, murder, and gossip, get them all!” The prince turned and glared at the entrance of the cave. “Immanuel.” He quietly vowed. “The next one will not be so easy to deliver.”


HE was perfect.
HE is perfect.
HE always would be perfect.
HE came down into my messy life. HE belonged in heaven, but HE set aside HIS crown and came to me. I am safe in HIS arms now. All my chains have been removed. Now it is my pleasure to serve and worship HIM with all my soul, body, heart and mind.
HE is perfect.
Worship THE KING!

Aranel Lissesul
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Aranel Lissesul
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