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Living a Fantasy Stuff going on in my day, what I have written and other interesting things about me.

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`*~., mikailafell's artistic facility,.~*`
Post 1:

`*:;.,_Art Availible and Examples_,.;:*`

Chibi Avatar
*G: 500
*I: 750
*C: 1000

Chibi Avatar with 1/2 or shaded background
G: 750
I: 1000
C: 1250

Chibi avatar with full backgound
G: 1000
I: 1250
C: 1500

Head and ahoulders avatar
G: 250
I: 500
C: 750

Head and shoulders avatar with 1/2
or shaded background
G: 500
I: 750
C: 1000

Head and shoulders avatar shot with
full background

G: 750
I: 1000
C: 1250

Full body avatar
G: 1000 ex
I: 1250
C: 1500

Full body avatar with 1/2 or shaded

G: 1250 ex
I: 1500
C: 1750

Full body avatar with full background
G: 1500
I: 1750
C: 2000

1/2 scene or 1/2 pic redraw
G: 1500
I: 2000
C: 2500

Full scene/ pic redraw
G: 1750
I: 2250
C: 2750

Couple avatar
G: 1500
I: 2000
C: 2500

Couple avatar with 1/2 or shaded

G: 1750 ex
I: 2250
C: 3000

Couple avatar with full background
G: 2000 ex
I: 2500
C: 3250

debate prices

* G = graphite I = inked C = colored and these are the prices for these

(questions? check next post)

Post two:

`*:;.,_Terms to Avatar Art_,.;:*`

1. The pieces with blank backgrounds include all of your items on your avatar

2.1/2 a background is a few things besides your avatar's items, like your avatar sitting on a wall or in a chair

3.a shaded background is the back of it colored/ shaded in a solid color/shade

4.Couple works price means you can get either a chibi, head and shoulder shot, full body for that one price

5. 1/2 of a picture/scene means the main part, like the person or thing in the picture, and full means background included

6. A special is something you want me to draw besides
what I have posted. It's like an animal or a fairy, something of that sort, and the price is up for debate, but I might lay down the law and tell you what the lowest price is.

(anymore questions? PM me)

post three


1. Be nice and respectful to everyone on this forum or don't be here. You're only wasting your time.
2. Follow gaia's rules and talk about the stuff you want, but if someone asks you to stop something, please do so.
3. PLEASE BUMP!!! It gets you gold!!!
4. P|3@s3 d0n'+ +@|k |!k3 +h!s, !+'s @nn0ying & h@rd 2 r3ad (lol and stuff like that is OK, just no symbols please, it bugs me ><" wink
5. Items of equal value can be subsituted for gold
6. Please send me a down payments of 50% of the full price of the art work you order.
7. I will not start your art until this payment is recieved.
8. Please pay me through a trade system, I'll forget about gifts if you pay me through an item.
9. If you are on the waiting list, DO NOT pay me your down payment until you are on the serving list. I will forget and ask you for the payment again.
10. If the waiting list is full, please do not PM me requests. The only exception to this rule is if you win one of the 1st post things (see Discounts below)
11. Requests by PM only, I will miss and/or disregard ones posted on the forum.
12. Please be patient with the completion of your request and do not ask me to get it done by a certain date.
13. Use the form in the next post to PM me requests.
14. In the requests, please include a picture of your avatar or an example of what you want me to draw in a like or in the PM.
15. Please no avatar-explosion requests.
16. Please do not ask me to draw digital art work, I do not have those kind of fancy-dancey programs and will not buy them for a hand full of requests.
17. For special art requests, if you request for an animal drawing, allow a little more time than usual, I am not a genius at drawing them, I am more of a people person.
18. Please no nude requests. I'll draw almost-nude, but not full on skin.
19. I will draw gore.
20. Please no stealing art!!! It's not cool sad
23. Enjoy!
24. Have fun talking!

post four

`*:;.,_Request Format_,.;:*`


Type of art:

G, I, or C?:

What do you want me to draw?:

1/2 background?:

Full background?:

A certain pose?:

If yes, please explain:

Anything else?:

Full Price:

Down Payment:

Example of one:

Name: mikailafell

Type of art: Head and Shoulers

G, I, or C?: G

What do you want me to draw?: link or
User Image

1/2 background?: no (if yes, specify what you want, and put "shaded" here, if you want just shading)

Full background?: no (if yes, specify what you want)

A certain pose?: yes

If yes, please explain: I would like her winking an waving with a wide, open mouthed smile and i want her looking directly at the on-looker

Anything else?: no (if yes, just explain)

Full Price: 500 gold

Down payment: 250 gold

post five


1st 5 customers* = 50% off any art piece
1st 5 on waiting list = 25% off

1st post on page 11 = free art of your choice

1st post on page 22 = free art of your choice
* = customers mean someone who PMs me and requests art work, not someone who posts on the forum just to say something or ask a question.

post six

`~:Serving List:~`
`~:Waiting List`~:

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