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Half-breed, of Fae and Demon

"Cuz I will always // Hurt everyone I love // I'm achin' for you // But you're bound to bleed if I adore you"

xxxxxxxxxxRoughly four hundred years
xxxxxxxxxxSometime in the fall, July 2, sometime during the 1600's
xxxxxxxxxxPyromancy (over existing fire only), moderate Glamour (Fae magic; really nothing more than tricks and illusions that only -feel- real), and superhuman strength. If he has his mirror, he can steal someone's memories (certain requirements must be met for it to work, however).
xxxxxHeight & Wweight
xxxxxxxxxxSix feet, eight inches | 245lbs
xxxxxBody Type
xxxxxxxxxxBroad and muscular
xxxxxxxxxxSeveral nasty burns around his neck, arms, and chest, and one diagonal across his back; they are roughly the size and shape of a metal pole.

xxxxxLikes May have more than three
xxxxxxxxxxHis daughter Kaye, of course
xxxxxxxxxxElectronica music, oddly enough

xxxxxDislikesMay have more than three
xxxxxxxxxxBig cities. They smell like iron and there are dangers lurking in every corner
xxxxxxxxxxForced allegiance to anyone

xxxxxF earsMay have more than two
xxxxxxxxxxAny harm coming to his daughter
xxxxxxxxxxLosing his last chance at being something other than a monster

xxxxxWeaknessesMust have atleast two(One can be far less harmful to your character than the other)
xxxxxxxxxxAny type of iron; it completely disables his Glamour and physically burns him, whether it's cold iron or steel
xxxxxxxxxxMost holy symbols can render him powerless
xxxxxxxxxxShould someone be able to take his daughter from him, they could get him to do whatever they wanted
xxxxxxxxxxAs with any Fae, if anyone learns his whole name, they can use it to command him to do something and he has absolutely no choice but to obey
xxxxxxxxxxHe cannot lie.

xxxxxTalentsMay have more than two
xxxxxxxxxxTrickery, of course! He's Fae, after all.
xxxxxxxxxxLighter tricks.
xxxxxxxxxxUsing Glamour, he can chill out totally naked in the world and no one will be the wiser unless they have the means for seeing through his illusions.

xxxxxHobbiesMay have more than two
xxxxxxxxxxSmoking, but he's trying to quit this one for the sake of his daughter
xxxxxxxxxxPlaying tricks on people

xxxxxxPersonalityAdd more if you'd like
            AggressiveLoyalProtectiveLoving father
            Ziggurat is, normally, a very aggressive and belligerent man. He'd jump at any opportunity to fight and potentially cave someone's skull in, just for the Hell of it. But with the birth of his daughter, he's seen some shifts. Those who earn his loyalty find themselves with a fierce friend and protector. Those who earn his ire... Well, good luck to you.

            Ziggurat was born into a world of false beauty and riches. The world he knew relied on trickery and deception to keep running, and hiding in the shadows while tormenting humans turned into little more than a game for his kind. Many shunned him for his origins, and others coveted his strength and brutality. One too many fights got him kicked out of the Courts, however, and he had to learn how to rely on himself. Fast-forward several centuries, and he found himself in a very odd relationship with a human girl whose stubbornness rivaled his own. A child was born from the union, but at the cost of his lover's life. Now, thrown into the chaos of New Orleans, he must find ways to stay alive while also ensuring the safety of his daughter, Kaye.

            Kaye is, quite simply, a baby. She is too young to manifest any powers, and must rely on her father for everything. She is very small, just the right size for Ziggurat to hold her with his forearm. Her lips are a soft blue, her hair clings to her scalp in silky raven ringlets, and on the occasion her eyes open, they are a deep earthy brown.

            He trusts no one who hasn't proved themselves to him; he can't afford to accept help from just anyone.

xxxxxVoice Claim
xxxxxxxxxx[X] [X]
xxxxxTheme Song(s)
xxxxxxxxxxSee above, friends
xxxxxMiss Anything
xxxxxxxxxxWays to see through Glamour include but are not limited to: Throwing flour on items believed to be Glamoured; touching anything with a four-leafed clover, including yourself, if you think you're under the effects; looking through a stone with a natural hole; iron.
xxxxxxxxxxMein Herz des Goldes