I really haven't been inspired lately, i've run out of ideas for my pokemon fan-fic, and my other idea i'm scrapping, it's just not running for me. So i've been sitting at school wondering, what the hell can I work on besides this stupid s**t? Then, it hit me, I was playing the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and I finally got it! a Zelda: Wind Waker fan-fic! You see, I've been reading my old material for old stories, and there's been one commen element. I was lacking a major conflict, without a major conflict, I can't continue it on (I realized this during my reading teacher Mrs. Saucier's class, she was teaching a basic storyboard with a triangle....don't ask me to explain much more then that. THANKS MRS. SAUCE!!!!! blaugh ). So, I began writing, first chapter in, I already have my introduction to the conflict. So, now it's just a matter of resolving it through as many detailed chapters as possible that involve as few fillers as possible. I'll keep count of those btw wink . I've run out of things to say, except again, come up with a title people wink i'll paaaay you!!! with something from the caaaaassh shop wink 3nodding

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"Someone, is SO dead..." Atop of Outset Island's lookout tower stood a 15 year old, brown , bushy-haired boy, covered from head to toe with seagull s**t. That boy, was Helm. Apparantly, someone thought it funny to place a Hyoi Pear on his stomach. Today's lesson: Hyoi Pears give seagulls the shits. Helm took off his pajamas and threw them over the railing of the lookout tower. Then he climbed up and dived into the ocean. His clothes hit the water at the same time he did with a splash. He swam to the beach, crawled up to the point where the waves would lap his feet, and layed down. The stars always did look so peaceful, so free, nothing controlling them except space itself. Helm sighed, even stars had parents. Helm was a orphan*, not from birth, but from as far back as he could remember. He never knew his parents, or if he even HAD parents for that matter. To make matters worse, nobody liked him on the damn island. They all treated him like the plauge, like if they got close, they'd catch some horrible desise that would kill them instantaniously. He was always alone, well, not always, the gulls were always there, and so was that Aryll girl. The littler sister of the great Hero of the Wind. She seemed really sweet, but she was always surounded by people, so they never really got a chance to formally meet. He sighed again, a 3rd quarter moon. Astronomy always did intruige Helm, he never knew why either, it was like a magnet to metal, it just drew him.
"Pretty nightm huh?" a voice had said softly. Held looked to his left to see Aryll lieing next to him, watching the night sky too. Her blond hair smelled of peaches, she wore a long sky blue dress with a giant flower on the bottom left side.
"Your Grandma will worry if you're out here this late," Helm said plainly, looking back up at the night sky.
"She's dead asleep," Aryll had said lightly, "She won't be up for hours." Helm nodded lightly. Aryll rolled over to face him, "Tommarow's the day huh? Your 16th birthday..." Helm nodded again. She sighed, "Listen, I know you're a crazy adventerous type, but the second you don that itchy-looking hero suit, don't you run off and leave me like my brother did, got it?"
Helm rolled over to face her. He took his finger and lightly traced her face, her features, "I can't make any promises on that one," he smirked a devilish grin.
Aryll laughed quietly, "Then promise me you'll come visit if you do leave."
Helm nodded and extended his right pinky finger. She took hers and wrapped it around his, "Promise."
"Also, you have to write every day!" she laughed
"Don't push it!" Helm laughed as well. He extended his hand out on the sand and Aryll slowly laced her fingers around his.
"You know," Helm began, "you're the one who named me."
Aryll nodded, "Yea, for some reason, you always reminded me of the damnded Helmroc Bird."
Helm playfully gasped, "Such fowl langauge!"
Aryll, laughed a little, "You're much sweeter then that evil beast," she sighed, "if only the others could see what I see in you..."
Helm's smile faded a little, "You know, you're the only friend I have on this little rock."
Aryll smiled, "Good," Helm looked at her questionably, "less of you to share. High tide rolled in, barely lapping at both of their bare feet. Aryll sighed happily as a star zoomed past overhead.
"Make a wish," Helm whispered/
"I've already got my wish," she smiled happily. A soft chime echoed out throughout the island, signaling it was midnight. Aryll rolled over and pecked Helm on the cheek, "Happy birthday Helm." She got up smoothened out her dress, and began to walk home.
Helm got up, whispered, "Good night," and began walking back to the watch tower, his home. By the time he was under the roof, it had begun to rain. He sighed, "What a way to end a perfect night," He threw on his spare pajamas while letting his other pair dry, curled up into the sleeping bag Aryll had given him, and slowly drifted to sleep with the pitter patter of the rain overhead.


Helm woke with a jump that next morning. He looked over the railing to see one of those paddleboats he had heard so much about at their pier. The words, S.S Lineback, painted to it's side. Climbing off of her was a rugged-looking sailor, wearing a blue captain vest. Helm ran over to the lookout tower's ladder, slid down, and ran off to meet the captain.
"So this is where that little green monkey was raised," the captain mumbled to himself.
"Hey," the captain turned around to see a shaggy little kid standing next to him, dressed in nothing but a pair of plaid pajamas,"you a real captain?"
The captain smirked, a twinkle shined in his eyes. "I am the great Lineback!" he struck a pose, "the greatest man of the sea! A extravagent treasure hunter as well."
Helm nodded lightly, eyes shut, arms folded across his chest," So, what's a," he made a quote gesture, "'Great Man of the Sea' doing on this shitty little rock?"
Lineback slapped Helm in the head, "Language, son!" He fumbled with his beard, "As for why i'm here, i'm here to see where HE lived..."
"You mean my brother!?" Out of nowhere, Aryll was standing next to Helm, a certain gleam in her eyes.
"Yea, me and the kid traveled around for a while to save this place from some evil squid-like monster named Bellum." Aryll's face lit up at the sound of her older brother's heroics. "What a kid, a little too bold, but what a guy." Lineback sighed.
"So is that all your here for?" Helm questioned, suspicious of the captain's true intent.
"Nope," he smirked, "I also heard a rumor that a old lord of a now extinct race lives amongst these isles."
"Oh, you mean Lord Jabu-Jabu," Helm said, "he only speaks to natives of a pure heart with a good intent."
Lineback grinned, "Then I guess you're with me kid!"
"Oh no,no,no,no,no!" Helm shook his head, "I'm an orphan, i'm no native here....I think..."
Aryll wrapped her arms around him, "I've told Jabu-Jabu all about you,I think he'll accept you as a native," she winked.
Helm smiled, "Thank you."
"You're welcome," she giggled.
"Already, enough flirting and lollygagging, get the anchors out of your pants, and let's set sail!" Lineback shouted, already aboard the ship. Helm ran onboard, eager for a little adventure.
"I'm coming too!" Aryll ran aboard.
"Oh, alright," grumbled Lineback, "Don't touch nuttin' though, got it?" Aryll gave a salute
"Course Set!" shouted Lineback, "Let's go!" The ship sputtered, spurred, and sprung to life. In a matter of seconds, the S.S Lineback was already making her way twoards the cave at the back of the island via Aryll's direction. They cruised into a beautiful cave. The walls gleamed a sky blue color, smooth to the touch, they reflected each individual wave, as if trying to show the waves how they looked as the waves do for those on land.
"The ace, it's made of pure crystal." Lineback said in awe. The cave began to shake as they cruised twoards the center.
A giant whale surfaced from the depths. It yawned, then opened it's mouth and spoke in a non-native tounge, "**" Everyone stared in confusion, who slowly stepped twoards the whale.
"We, oh mighty Jabu-Jabu, have come for..." he turned to Lineback, "for....what again?"
Lineback poked his head out from behind a barrel he was hiding behind, "T-t-to learn w-w-where a ancient H-H-Hylian t-t-t-t-t-treasure is."
Helm turned back to Jabu-Jabu, "What he said, minus the studdering."
"I see..."
"Well, it's not that great, it's very boring to me."
"I've heard of that, sounds interesting." Everyone stared at Helm, confused.
Lineback leaned in, "What the hell are youu saying?"
Helm stared back, "What? He's talking in clear English! you guys deft or something?"
Aryll leaned in now, "No, he's not, neither are you."
Helm stared at her, "Really?" he looked down at his hands, then back up, "Cool..."
"So?" Lineback asked impatiently.
"There's a hint to serious treasure amongst the three great nations," Helm replied, "Also, there's a trivia lottery game on Star Island, jackpot's hittin; at least 1 million ruppes."
Lineback grinned, That's all I need to know!"
Helm turned around and took a polite bow, "Thanks Jabu-Jabu. Also, can you bring Aryll home since we'll be leaving immediatly?"
"What!?" Aryll jumped, "Why!?"
Helm grabbed her hands, "Your grandma already has to deal with one missing grandchild, I don't think she can handle two." Jabu-Jabu opened his mouth and Helm shoved Aryll in. "Don't swallow her," he joked, Jabu-Jabu closed his mouth and sank beneath the waves.
"That was real noble of ya kid," Lineback put a hand on his shoulder.
"I wanted her to be safe is all," Helm sighed. He turned to Lineback, "I want to go with you," he said determindly, "maybe if I do, I'll learn who I really am, ya know?"
Lineback nodded, "You may want to change though," he shoved Helm into the bridgem he walked out a few minutes later wearing a black shirt and baggy cargo pants. "Comfy?" Lineback asked, obviously amused. Helm nodded, excited. Lineback ran down to the engine room and began cruising the S.S Lineback out of Jabu-Jabu's cave.
I'll be back, Helm thought, I promise

* - I'll also remember to record how many Anime Cliches I use. One down!
** - It was supposed to be in wingdings, but I guess this will do *shrug*

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