Chapter 2- The confrontation and the humiliation

>>>Durring lunch that same day salina went to find salem at lunch, forgetting she said to meat up with the bunch of girls who were scared of her. Salem was sitting on the steps to the quad eating lunch by herself when salina sat by her and said "Hey, Salem, do you have that note? I can't find it.. without it I cant get to your place." Salem looked at Salina wide eyed and said, "No it is not in my possession, in a calm yet petrified voice." Salina understood immediatly why salem looked petrified. The note said what she really was! At that same moment the intercoms all sounded off saying in that metalic voice, "Will Salina and Salem report to the president office please."
>>>Salem and Salina went to the office, dragging their feet when Salem said, "This is your fault, you know that, right." Salina gave a soft flick of her tail and continued foward to the office. As soon as Salem and Salina stepped foot into the office they saw Salems parents, and Salina's orphanage manager. The principle chimed hew chirpy voice and said, "These two girls were writing notes on the first day, and of all things that was on it, there was witchcraft. Salem claimed to be a witch, and filled Salina's head with lies about herself." Salem parents gave Salem a look of sorrow, knowing what she wrote was right, but the instead said, "Salem young lady, you are going home right now! To your room as soon as you step out of the car." Salem looked at her mom and cought the lie and lowered her face, she mumbled "Yes ma'am." With that said Salem trodded to the car leaving everyone else in the office.
>>>Salems mother went to Miraim and said lightly so the principle couldn't hear, "May we take Salina home today, being as you know what she is, we need to speek to her." Miriam sighed and nodded, hoping Salina would never find out about her kind as a whole, but knew it would end up happening anyways. But she never knew she would actually end up giving the ok for it to happen. As Salem's mother was walking she grabbed Salina's hand and said, "come on, were taking you home for a sitting." Salina followed but was a little scared, she heard what was wipered into Miriams ears, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to know about her kind. She was happy living like she was.
>>>When the car pulled into the driveway they were greated by a beautiful greyblue husky, who had 2 different colored eyes, one brown one blue. When Salem walked by the dog opened his mouth, Salina expected a bark, but thats wnot what came out. Instead of barking she heard "Good day Salem, you're home early, and who's your friend?" Salina's jaw dropped and the dog became offended, "You, miss, my name is barthalamule, you can call me Thala though, its rude to stare, and what is your name?"
>>>Salina corrected her facial expressions and stated, "My name is Salina, no middle or last name, that I know of. Pleased to meet you." She put out her hand to shake his paw but he stared at her as if she was crazy and started chasing his tail. Salina worked her way past Thala and stepped into Salem's home. What she saw was extraordinary, the ceiling looked like the universe, purple, white and sparkly, and moving. The house smelled of sage, and it seemed so much bigger then then it did on the outside, the entry room itself was the size of the the outside looked to be.
>>>Salem started to scream from the next room, the livingroom. Salina rushed in to see what was happening and saw that a man was holding her by the arms and swinging her around, and her screeming wasn't screaming at all. Salem was enjoying a little bit of fun with her father. The man looked over at Salem and said, "Why hello there, you must be Salina, I've heard of you from others of my kind. Funny, I never thought you would be standing in my livingroom though."
>>>Salina all of a sudden felt like she was being watched, whenever she felt like she had someone staring at her, now she knew that feelign wasnt fake, but a reality. "So, sir, what is your name?" he chuckled and said, "my name is not of the matter, but in any case, it is tom" and he sat down in the most cosy looking recliner you will have ever seen. Tom stated, "So, you have ears of a cat and the tail of one too, if you don't mind dear, might I look at your tail?"
>>>Salina was confused by the question but agreed to it, he looked intently at her tail and when he saw what salina always tought of as a birth mark he gasped. "You are.. the lost child." said Tom "The child that was conceived but thought to die with the mother in the hospital, you are Alorin's child, blood of the royals runs through you my dear.
>>>When salina heard she was of royalty she immediatly started protesting, "There is no way I am royal, I have lived my life below poverty since I was born. Why did he not come to see me born, or care to ask the doctors about me?" shouted salina.
>>>"My dear, that is because he is not to show his face in the human world, and humans are not to show theres in his world. How you were concieved was un heard of, he was almost banished for playing with the mear human. Along with it, when word got out there was a child concieved, he had to do a lot of fancy work to get himself out of trouble, and you being here without any trouble happening mystifies me even more my child. The big question that I now ask, is, Do you wish to see your father? To leave the human relm and be one with you own kind?"
>>>Salina thought long and hard as tears fell from her hazle eyes. "So this whole time, I have been living my life as the freak, and somewhere someplace else, I could have been a royal?"