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Here are some stories i made up ._.


Okay so there was a very nice young lad and everyday he'd go up onto the roof of a very tall building to talk to the pigeons. But they would never talk back. So he became sad and one day while he was talking to his favorite pigeon, named Gideon, it looked at him and said "thank you." The young lad was very frightened but amused. So he says to Gideon "What for?" Gideon replied with "For talking to me," so the boy looked at it with very wide eyes, got up and walked home. So the pigeon flew away. The boy walked up there everyday as usual and talked to his new friend. Until one day Gideon wasn't there so the boy went back home. The next day he was still missing; the boy got very sad again and everyday that the pigeon wasn't there. The boy was so depressed that he decided to jump off the building, and on his way down he realized that he never really existed and immediately he stopped falling and the pigeon flew away.

The boy and his dragon

Once upon a time there lived a boy in a cave. Everyday he would walk outside his cave to look at the scenery and everyday it was different. Well one day he walked out and there was an egg and it started twitching and it then had hatched. It turned out to be a dragon. He took the dragon and stuffed him in his pocket with his head sticking out. Everyday the boy went out as usual but this time he had a dragon friend and it kept growing and the boy loved this dragon. One time the scenery had been the same as it had the day before, and the next day and the next, the scenery hadn't changed. The boy grew very bored so this time he left his dragon in the cave when he went out. The scenery had changed; it turns out that taking the dragon from his original spot had disrupted the flow of events. The boy didn't like this so while the dragon had slept he killed it, His only friend and only thing he loved was now dead. The boy walked out but this time there was no scenery it was just pitch black. He looked back and his cave was gone and he forever floated in the darkness that was his heart never to return to what he once had.

Night never ends

There once was a very young man who became drafted in a war. He was sent into training and went through the camp pretty fast. He didn't want to be where he was but he didn't really have a choice on being there. He deeply missed his loved one back home and wrote to her everyday. One day his camp had been bombed very heavily but he got away very quickly he ran into the woods with a buddy but he had been hit and was bleeding. He carried him as far as he could go. he found this little town and hid there for a while and got his buddy some help. When his buddy got better they both ran and ran until they found themselves in there hometown before they were drafted. His buddy runs to his family and the young man runs to find his love that he had not seen in a while. When he finds her she is in the middle of a big studio room and is very empty. She is in a very very pretty purple sparkling dress. A single light is shining on her and she is just dancing the man finds a tux and quickly changes into it. He walks slowly nervously into the light. He takes her hand, grabs her waist, and starts to dance with her. They dance like the night had never ended.

The girls island

There once was a young woman she had long flowing blond hair. She lived on an island where no one ever visited her only friends were the birds. They talked to her they hunted for her and explored for her. She loved those birds with all her might. One day the birds flew away without notice and she was left alone on her island. She cried every night because she had been left alone on an island that was so very lonely. Every night after they left it rained. All she had to do was comb and clean her hair. She would swim once in a while but she was so lonely she never really felt like it. One night she had heard a familiar squawking noise and when she looked up it was her bird. It was a full moon light and while she was crying there was a light and the bird transformed into a man. He held out his hand to pick her off the ground. she took it and they lived happily on there island where it never rains. And on full moon nights you can even hear her sing if your really listening to it.

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