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Miss_Neko_Baby's Journal
Dis is a place for mii thoughts. I dont post in it alot but the occational random story is always fun to put in here. :) Okay... Lets go!
Why do you run?
Name: Jet Kazuma

Age: 18

Race: Human

Personality: Strong, Honest, Kind, Secretive/Mysterious (by nature)

Bio: The oldest and quieter of the two brothers. At the age of 8 Jet witnessed his fathers death when he shot dead by a robber when he refused to get out of the way. Jet ran from the scene and didn't return home until a week later. His mother and younger brother Mico still don't know the full truth of what happened to him during that week, but the boy who came back wasn't the same, he was a boy that grew to quickly to a man. No longer giggling, joking, or playing.
They moved away and started their lives again, and now in his final years of school, Jet is a guy who goes through each day, only to get to the next.

Appearance: 5ft 11, Black hair, Brown eyes, Athletic.
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Name: Mico Kazuma

Age: 17

Race: Human

Personality: Optimistic, Ambitious, Childlike Humour (a class clown)

Bio: Unlike his brother, Mico grew up, shielded from the ruthlessness of the world, especially since his fathers death, and from it has become a charming guy with a cheery disposition. Mico looks upto Jet, but intends on getting him to lighten up and let go for the new school year.

Appearance: 5ft 8, Black hair, Average size.
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Let me know if you're interested smile
Thank you very much! ^^ You are the first to sign up! ^^ I hope this goes really well..
Here are my pro's...

Name: Umii Hakkai
Age: 17
Race: Human
Personality: quiet, shy, scared of guys, friendly to most girls, smart
Bio: Story
Apperance: User Image

Name: Mayu Trace
Age: 17
Race: Human
Personality: protective of Umii, the school punk, nice to you unless you make Umii cry
Bio: Mayu first met Umii in the 2nd grade and has been best friends with her ever since. When Umii started acting differently she became extremely worried. Now that she knows she protects Umii like a bear protecting her cub.
Apperance: User Image

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