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Knives thoughts and quotes book
basically a journal full of random quotes and thoughts
Grimoire of Knives Sama part 2

Today was a visit to the Otami Ruins, apon entering you notice the vast jungle home to many wildlife and animated (if you call 4 different sets of animated alot) the most common is the tiny terrors there more annoying then threatening though packs of them can be problematic. some packs are accompanied by a purple terror must be the leader.

Next are the bladed vases these whirling potted dervishes are also on the annoying side but pack more punch then the terrors, for something made of glass they don't break easily.

the next annoyance is the feather coatl a flying enemy but is easy enough to take down.

the ruins are home to characters the twins located ontop of the ruins and Blaze who is located more to the jungle entrance

the ruins themselves are a site to behold but the red tree past the lily pad pond is a site to behold it looks like a woman and a red snake very odd
in the area is a secret cliff side nothing special just an amazing view i'm sure few people have seen

also up the ruins is an area called the gauntlet a challenge frrom the twins it will require speed and endurance more than strength to get threw

and finally the boss of the area the stone coatl a massive stone snake like dragon, it's packs quite a punch with it's beam cannon. he's located inside the ruins and is the last trial of the twins.

final note: the ruins are vast and wonderous

The Grimoire of Knives Sama razz art1
Went to Bucaneer Boardwalk today with my friend Nara, not alot to report standard monsters anchorbugs, sand fluffs, and castle golems, all remarkably stronger than there gold beach counter parts, (must be something in the boardwalk that makes them stronger luckily they won't attack until provoked.)

Came across Mavdoc's Jellyfish, it looked so sad amongst the other glowing jellyfish, This jellyfish doesn't glow and cries on occassion, almost makes you want to go and cheer it up.

Rumor has it a landshark is in the area but i never came across it, maybe another time i'll explore and see if it shows.

that's it for this report.

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