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The Cookie Faerie
Cookie's OC Reference For Request
Insight into the Characters:

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{Forty-three Year Old}
Color Reference
The forty-three year old has watched the female since she was seven years old and has loved her even as a child. Simple and openly, then he left for a time and came back to find her grow and found a woman matured and grown. He fell in love with that woman as he had loved the child and thus is as close to her as possible. Her confidant, teacher, and anonymous admirer. He’s a gentle man, with a sweet heart, and a keen mind. He likes teaching people and was once a teacher in the city before leaving because of his estranged views. He’s honorable and kind and will defend the ones he cares and loves for brutally and nothing can hold him back. He killed his own lover when she tried to kill the eight year old girl, and has committed many other attacks on the behalf of his love for the people who are closest to him. He is a truth-seeker (meaning he can see into the minds of others and see the truth that lies there), a peace maker, a creative man, a bringer of relaxation and rest, and a warrior. He is heavily built - not fat - but broad. Heavy.
Height: 6'1"
Personality Colors: Red, Orange, Blue. Main Color: Blue.

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{Female: Eight Year Old}

User Image
{Female: Nineteen Year Old}
Color Reference
The eight/nineteen year old is a very conflicted female. At the age of seven when just recently coming into her powers her mother tried to kill her and in the process she accidentally killed her mother in the process. She is mature beyond her years, a wise woman in a youth’s body even at the age of eight. She is very loving to those close to her, her smiles and laughter can light up a room with joy for she is so full of joy and light even with her darkness. As she grows older she grows more and more oblivious to her emotions though she remains loving to people, she does and does not notice the love she is being given by the forty-three and thirty-one year old. She is too focused on learning about how to save a world that only she has the power to save with the help of the thirty-one year old who is unbeknownst to her, her cousin. She loves both the forty-three year old and the thirty-one year old with the same passion, ardor, and level for their magic power harmonizes on a level with hers and calls to hers. A sort of love/lust at first touch of magic. As a child she loves both of them as well, but with a child’s simple unadorned love. She is a Healer, murderer, truth-seeker(Same as Forty-Nine Year Old), peace maker, magician, and mysterious. She is of a medium build at nineteen and of a thin build at eight.
Height: 2'10"{Eight Years} 4'10"{Nineteen Years}
Personality Colors: Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Main Color: Green.

User Image
{Male: Thirty-one old}
Color Reference
The thirty-one year old is hard to describe since his character is just being introduced. He is a poet, an artist, overall a very intellectual person. He fell in love with the nineteen year old unknowingly when he first met her at the age of seven. As the years passed they grow together in the school of magic and he sees her potential in power, maturity, beauty, and strength. He notices this even at her early age of eight. He is the b*****d son of the high king, a silent man with a heart of gold that shines brightly as is his namesake of the Light Lord. He is gentle, calm, strong, and quiet. He is a bringer of wisdom, creativity, endurance, relaxation and rest, intellectuality, and a warrior. He is slightly muscular but not very. He is more of an intellectual than a fighter.
Height: 6'7"
Personality Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange. Main Color: Orange.

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