My Manga Characters= Just the main 5
Read everything when you draw a character. I put a lot of detail to make sure you draw them right. <3
~Thank you
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Risa Kasumi Hikaru
Body: Skiny, not much curve, kinda a big butt though
Hair color- Dark-ish brown Example. Most people mess up on her hair so there is reference.
Features: crappy ref. Round face, small pointy chin. Big-ish lips, small flat (not wide) nose, big eyes.
Complexion- medium peachy or so
Eye color- Purple (eye condition, totally make believe)
Clothing: Decora, anything with bright odd colors, purple is her favorite. Many layers of clothing, and ruffles. She always wears mini skirts (unless sitting around the house) But no hooded jackets with animal ears and whatnot, she hates that. From elbow to wrists are always covered, either by sleeves or gloves/arm warmers. Nothing sleezy, but she likes to show her legs. And she never wears heels.
Ethnicity:- Polish-Japanese-Vietnamese
Personality- Sad, quiet, sarcastic (her good mood) , smart, bored.

Pics- [1] [2] [3]

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Raymond Kidney
Body: Lean, little muscle, average skiny guy.
Hair color- medium blond w/ low lights. (brownish blended in) Super messy, in a grungy sexy way
Features: Long face, skinny chin, jaw is sharp but curves up after his chin. Nose is long thinish and straight. average lips, very light though. Square inset eyes.
Complexion- Slight tan
Eye color- Green
Clothing: Simple T-shirts with band prints, grunge bands like Nirvana. Or with a silly saying. He always wears loose fitting jeans, he is very grungy himself. He owns one jacket and its a nasty bright orange thing with a pocket by his chest, its a zip up. Sometimes he'll wear a flannel top over a T-shirt. & grungy vans/converse/sneakers are his shoes.
Ethnicity- Italian-Irish
Personality- Easy going, shy-ish, stupid (academically), Momma's boy, sweet. Serious.
Other- Plays guitar, but sucks at it.

Pics- [x] [x] [x]

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Lilly Amy Wilson
Body: Curvaceous & C cup (boob job)
Hair color- Bleach blond, straight but loose (waves easily). Little past her shoulders
Features: Unecited
Complexion- olive toned
Eye color- Orangish brown
Clothing: top of the line American fashion. sexy.
Age- 15 ( And has a boob job o.0;; )
Ethnicity- Norwegian-Italian
Personality- Girly, flirt, obsessive, though. Nice, happy, sexy
Other- She is a model

Pics- [x] [The light haired one]

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Jake Baldwin
Note: He has a lip ring on the left side of his lower lip!
Body: thiiinnnn
Hair color- Silky black, (use images as a ref, his hair is hard to explain) And you can show his eyes if you want, it does tend to cover his eyes but it doesn't have to.
Features: square shaped face, but sharp and bony, soft and roundish (does that make sense?) Wide flat nose, thick lips.
Complexion- peachy but tans easily
Eye color- Blackish
Clothing: Skinny jeans. A lot of gray black and blue. Vans/converse. Screamo band T's and ones with sad/deep sayings. Studded belts.
Ethnicity- German-Mexican
Personality- Super nice, serious, calm, spacey, natural flirt

Pics- [The one in blue] [x] [x]

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Brooks Marsden
Body: Thin, but not perfect. maybe 10 pounds hevier tan perfect.
Hair color- Died Red, bangs cover half his face, short over the rest.
Features: oval shaped face, average sized wide lips. Asian eyes. Asian nose, but not so small, comes out farther
Complexion- dark tan. (first example link is the only one with his correct skin)
Eye color- Brown
Clothing: Stereotype rocker. He lives on red & gray plaid. gloves are his friend.
Ethnicity- Filipino
Personality- Goof off, Druggy, sweet, romantic, caring, rude, though.
Other- Has many piercings on his ears and 2 on his left eyebrow. Dating Kiely

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