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As this darkness swallows me whole
I say to myself, "Is anyone there?
Can't anyone save from this nightmare?"

The love that I've been denied
Dies on the lips of young lovers
Amidst broken homes and hearts

Will I ever know such sweet bliss?

The hand that caresses the supple skin
Of those enraptured in it's binding spell
Tears at the cracks of my cold heart

In winter, as frost blankets the ground
And snow falls like the tears of an ice angel
Couples walk, hand in hand
Lost in the loving gaze of their paramour

When will I know the joyous feeling
Of being held in the arms of my beloved?
Will I live my life alone, pining for the adoration
Of those who do not notice me?

I fear I will never know
Such sweet bliss...

The blood on her wrist
Matches the ink on her note
"Goodbye, cruel world"
Was all she wrote

In a world full of pain
Torture and dismay
She seized the moment
And cut it all away

Now lying in a puddle
Tears in her eyes
She recounts all her mem'ries
And fear as she dies

As the days go on
And her body withers away
No one seems to care
Or take notice of her decay

But those that have known her
And, by far, known her well
Stir, not knowing
Of her deadly farewell

And as the days go on
There lingers no doubt
As to the nature of her musings
In diaries, written and strewn about

Alone, she was found
With naught but a note
And thus I do quote
"Goodbye, cruel world"
Was all she wrote

Community Member

Community Member
If you think I was just going leave you there on your own
Well, think again
Cause I've been waiting for this day to come along
And this is how we'll begin our fate

Too late to know how this all is gonna turn out wrong
I don't think so
Just gimme a chance and I'll show you a place we can hide
But maybe just for one night

Slow down, too fast
Gotta think, gotta have
More than I knew I was ever gonna turn out right
All this doesn't make
More than a little sense
But something must of known it was all gonna turn out right

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