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Firequties journal <3 I love roleplaying and i am looking for ppl who would like to rp not just 1 sentence either like paragraphs Im also making a guild and lookin for some memebers it is going to be a private guild to just for rping

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Ideas for rping
OKay so this was just a random idea i had in mind to roleplay
its kinda a romantic one
it may not be perfect cause i just plotted it out and it took me 5mins
redface sweatdrop

Theres these 2 main characters that live in 2 diff dimensions
one is a demon & the other is just an ordinary person thats an orphan, the parents died from an "illness" is wat was lead to believe but then find out it was'nt the illness that killed them

In the demon world demons are absolutley not allowed to go into the human world, they demons hate humans & will kill them they are big carnivores
the demon is of course very good looking

Then one day the demon finds a key to enter the other dimenson & ends up bein in the human world
thats when he meets the orphan girl

After been talkin for a while they eventually start to fall for eachother
the demon tells her his secret that he is a demon
he has broken the law

The demons brother finds out his brother is gone & finds out from spies that he has broken the law
the brother goes to the human world to go kill the human

the demon protects the human he loves
& finds a place for the human to hide to keep the human safe for a lil bit

since that plan failed the brother searches for the human & tell them that there parents didint die from an illness it was from a demon it was the demon she fell in love with that killed them
he gives the human false proof & the human begins to believe it & falls for the trick

when the demon comes to make sure the human is safe the human tells the demon that they hate them and never wants to see them again
the human leaves the demon & runs away from them

left feeling lonely also with the feeling of losing there love
the demon knows that the brother will know leave the human alone & gets ready to leave

the brother comes & they fight again
the brother defeats the demon & the demon is left to breath his last breath

the human has a bad feeling after looking a long time
there lies there beloved on the ground dieing
the human cries and begs for the demon to be alrite

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