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Blood and Tears
A journal of notes and saved chapters from my book.
Chapter 11

"I'm going to need my clothes back" Lance said standing in the middle of the room looking over at Nikki who was still laying in bed. "your going to have to come and get them" Nikki said impishly from underneath the comforter of her bed. Lance walked back over to the bed and kissed her a few times gently on the lips. He reached under the covers and grabbed his clothes away from her. It was still dark out and it had started raining again. Lance walked over to the window and threw on his pants and shirt and realized that he was still missing something. " I'm going to need my jacket back too". He said, looking over at the grinning face sticking out from under the covers. He watched her as she stood up and threw the sheets off of her and walked over to him. There were still two small red marks on her neck from the night before and still showed pretty well, even in the dark. She walked over and wrapped her arms around Lance's head and gave him a few long kisses before looking back into his eyes. " I have to go now" Lance said, trying to his jacket back from her. A sad look came across Nikki's face when he said it. " when will I get to see you again?" She asked sadly, looking into his deep blue crystal like eyes. " you had better get dressed, your mom will be up soon". Lance said, avoiding the questions. Her started to head for the window when Nikki rushed over and wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. " I don't want you to go!". She said, pulling herself closer to him. She could feel Lance's gently touch on her face, leading her up until she was looking up at him. Lance looked down into her deep brown eyes and kissed her gently. Nikki wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes as she felt his lips against hers. She gently opened her eyes expecting to see his gently blue eyes, but he was gone. She looked over at the open window and out into the black void of the night. He was gone. Had it all just been another dream? Did she imagine the entire thing? She walked over and to her bed and looked at the messy sheets and blankets, remembering what had happened through out the night. She searched around the room, looking for just one thing that would tell her that it wasn't all just a dream. She looked over at her pillow and she found it. It was a rose. A single rose. Nikki walked over and picked it up gently and looked at the deep crimson red of the petals. The rose gave off a very strong scent that reminded her of Lance. The stem of the rose was a dark emerald green and had several protruding thorns from its dark green skin. The thorns were an even darker green and the tips of them were a dark red. It was one of the most beautiful things Nikki had ever seen. She held it close to her for a few moments before she looked back down at it. She walked over to her bathroom and began searching through the drawers. She pulled a glass container out and filled it with cold water from the sink. She walked back into her room and gently set it on her dresser, gently putting the rose in the cold water. She could feel a sadness come over her heart. She wanted to be with him so much, she missed him already. She was happy that she was able to finally meet him and that it wasn't all just a dream. She looked over at the small digital clock by her bed. It was almost 6:00 o'clock. She needed to start getting ready for school. She walked over and grabbed a small short sleeved black shirt and some light black jeans from her dresser. She started for the bathroom when she felt a warm feeling on her neck. She reached up and felt the two small holes in her neck. She ran back over to her dresser and retrieved a black turtle neck shirt. She threw her clothes on the counter in the bathroom and turned the shower on. She was glad that today was Friday or else she would have to come up with an excuse for wearing a turtle neck every day for Jessi. Something told her that Jessi wouldn't believe a single one of them. She quickly undressed and jumped into the shower and felt the warm water fall onto her face. She couldn't get the image of Lance out of her mind. She wondered when she would ever see him again. She decided that it wouldn't be for a while and tried her best to get him out of her mind for the moment so she could focus on what she had to do for the day. What she didn't know though was, she would be seeing him again a lot sooner than she thought.

Chapter 12

Lance dropped down from the window and landed gracefully on the concrete sidewalk. he took off down the street, avoiding being seen by anybody who might be walking out in the rain. His jacket flapped noisily behind him and kept out the cold of the morning rain. The scenery around him began to change quickly and went from busy streets of the city to a calm fields and forests as he left the city limits and crossed into the forest outside the city. He began to slow his pace when he saw the dense forest in front of him until it was down to a quick walk. He looked around at all the trees of the forest. The forest was one of the few things left that the humans had not tainted with their industrialism yet. Mother wouldn't allow that to happpen though. Sarah certainly wouldn't go down without a fight either. lance slowed a little until he was at a calm walking pace as he started to enter the forest. He stopped for a moment when he saw a young girl playing and skipping around in the forest. She had short brown hair that blew gracefully along with the gently breeze. She was wearing a short green and brown dress that blended into the forest perfectly. She also had a very childish face and was pretty short, although she was about the same age as Lance. Lance walked over watching from a distance as her radiant green and brown eyes looked around at the forestry happily. There was one feature that stood out more than anything though. Small fragile crystal like wings fluttered happily behind her as she ran around the trees. She was a forest sprite. Forest sprites were the healers and protectors of the forest. Sadly though, because of the constant destruction of forests, she was one of the very last of her kind. Lance knew this because he had known her since he was a very small child. Her name was Sarah. Lance walked over to her and greeted her as he usually did. " How is mother today?" He asked, smiling at the small energetic child. He was of course referring to Mother Earth. They all just called her Mother though and the forest sprites were her children. " She is making some progress" Sarah said sadly, her musical voice blending in perfectly with the musical fall of the rain in the forest. " Serist is looking for you" Sarah said absent mindily. " Is there anyone who doesn't know that Serist is looking for me?!" Lance said laughing. " Is he really that upset with me?" Lance said cheerfully. " nah, he's just worried about you". Sarah said plainly. " you've been gone for almost three days after all". she said looking at the young vampire. " yes, I know" Lance said quietly, thinking back to the events of the past few days. He looked ahead of them at the trail. It was beginning to come to an end as they approached the vampire home. The vampires all lived in a large community home to avoid being discovered by humans because of their reputation of being thought as monsters. " you better hurry, Serist is waiting for you". Sarah said, turning and giving a wave before running back into the forest. Lance approached the massive iron gates of the home and opened it, closing it behind him as he walked onto the vampire home's grounds. The gate closed with a loud crash as it shut behind him. lance looked up at the massive mansion that was his home. It was a massive building that towered over even the tallest of the trees in the forest and everything else. It was very old and almost seemed abandoned. The building was large and dark and the design looked like an old english victorian gothic design. As old and quite the building looked, Lance knew it wasn't on the inside. An entire community of vampires all lived inside of this building and they all called it home. Lance walks quitely up to the door and and slips into the home quitely. He looks around the vast halls of the home. The halls are all filled with tons of people, all of which are busy casually lounging about and conversing with one another. Nobosy seemed to notice lance as he snuck in and he tries to sneak past them all unseen. " there you are!" Comes a loud booming voice from behind. Lance sighs and turns around to face them. " yes legion, I am finally back". Lance said sighing again. " is there something I can help you with, I'm rather tired and I would very much like to go take a nap in my room". He said starting to take a few steps away. " Oh, no you dont" Legion says, reaching over and grabbing lance by the collar of his jacket. " Serist is very angry with you and wants to talk to you". Legion says, a big grin on his face. " I see you still havn't returned Serist's cloak to him" lance said, trying to change the subject. " Don't change the subject boy" Legion said, letting out a loud hearty laugh. lance tried to get away but gave up when he couldn't. Legion was alot stronger than him and had alot more muscle than lance. Legion gave him a push as he led his friend down one of the other halls, opening one of the doors and pushing him in. " Serist, I found him". Legion said across the room. " Thank you, legion" Came a voice from the other end of the room. " Yes, thank you legion". Lance said smugly, grinning a wide grin up at legion. Legion grinned a grin twice as big and then left the room. Lance brushed himself off and stood back up and looked at the vampire sitting in a desk across the room. He is wearing a elegant red silk shirt, black dress pants, and a long black jacket. He had short black messy hair and emerald green eyes. He had a long leather sword sheath strapped to the chair behind him and the handle of the sword shone in the dim light of his room. " you were looking for me?" Lance said, taking a few steps forward. " yes". Serist said simply, standing up out of his chair and walking out infront of his desk. " I'm not even going to bother asking where you've the past three days" Serist says starting to pace back and forth. " However, I would like to know why there is werewolf blood all over the park". He says, looking at Lance, not really expecting an answer. Serist gave him a big smile and Lance smiled back, relieved that Serist wasn't really mad at him. " i'm just glad that your ok" Serist says, genuine concern filling his voice. " Aside from a few scratchs, Im ok". lance says looking at his kind mentor. " this cannot go unpunished though Lance" Serist said, his voice suddenly serious. " And, I'm not talking about the wolf...." He says quitely. " The elders are not going to take very lightly to this" Serist said, trying to lighten up his own mood. Lance looked away and then back up at Serist. " yes, I know" he says quitely. Serist looks down at the child that he had watched over and raised all of these years when his parents died. A silence begins to form between the two until Serist finally breaks it. " So, whats this I keep hearing about my cloak?" He asks light heartitly. Lance burst out laughing and tries to catch his breathe. " Ask legion" He says simply. " Legion?" Serist asks suprised, opening the door to his room and stepping out and leading lance out as well. " yep" lance says with a smug look on his face. " oh, by the way". Serist says, shutting the door behind him. " I would suggest you find her some friends before you bring her here to live with us" he says over his shoulder as he walks down the hall. At first lance just nods until he realizes what Serist had just said. " wait a minute...." He says to himself. " how did he...." he says looking down the hall. " hey, serist wait up!" He shouts at Serist, running after him back down the hall.

Chapter 13

" Nikki?" Jessi says, waving a hand in her face. " Earth to Nikki" she says, stopping and looking Nikki in the face. "what?" Nikki asked, finally snapping out of her dazed trance. " Are you OK?" Jessi asks, looking at her friend suspiciously. "yeah, I'm fine". Nikki says, giving Jessi a big smile. " your smiling?" Jessi said happily, glad to see her finally happy. " why are you so happy all of a sudden?" She asks, her smile growing. Nikki leans over and whispers in her ear " I'll tell you later" She says with a grin. Jessi giggled happily and stood up when the school bell rang. " See ya later" Jessi says, giving Nikki a sly grin. Nikki rolled her eyes and headed down the hall to her next class.
Nikki rubbed her neck nervously as she walked down the halls. Her neck felt really warm and was tingling slightly. She stopped on her way to class and walked into one of the restrooms. She set her stuff down on the ground and looked at her neck in the mirror. She pulled the neck of her shirt down and ran her hand over the two red marks on her neck. She winced when a slight stinging pain began in her neck when she touched the two marks. She looked at the two marks carefully in the mirror. They did not seem to be getting any smaller, but they did seem to be getting lighter. She could feel the warmth coming from them and her neck was starting to really hurt. She heard someone starting to walk into the bathroom and she quickly covered her neck back up. She quickly grabbed her stuff and walked back into the hall and headed for her next class.
Nikki's next class was biology. She quickly rushed into the room and quietly took her seat in the back of the room. The teacher began taking roll call and then began lecturing about a presentation showing on the overhead projector. " Nikki, do you mind getting the lights" The teacher called from the front of the room. " huh? " Nikki said looking back up to the front. She stood up and went over to the light switch and turned the lights off. She wasn't really paying much attention to anything the teacher was saying. She silently sat back down in her seat and wrapped her hands around her neck. Her neck was burning up. She could hear her heart beat in her head. She looked up at the class to see if anybody was watching her. Nobody was. She gently put her head on the cold desk, turning her head so that her neck was on the desk. She let out a sigh when she felt the cold on her neck and felt her eye lids grow heavy, not realizing how tired she really was from the night before. She soon fell fast asleep.

She woke up an hour later. She looked around at the class, they were all watching a movie the teacher had put in. She brought her head up, trying to wake her self up. She reached up and touched her neck, relieved that it didn't feel warm anymore. That relief didn't last though. She could feel something wet on her neck. She looked at the tips of her fingers wondering what it was that she had felt, but she couldn't see anything in the dark room. She stood up and walks over to the teacher's desk. " can I use the hall pass" She asks quietly in a hushed tone. " why do you need to use it?" the teacher asks quietly. " Please". Nikki says quietly. The teacher reaches over and picks up a small laminated card and hands it to Nikki, figuring it was just a feminine problem or thing that she didn't want to say out loud to him. " thank you" Nikki says, walking over to the door. She quietly opens the door and slips out into the hall. Nikki looked around the halls. They were completely empty and abandoned. Nikki walked down the hall and stopped at the front doors of the school. There was storm outside and the wind and rain was coming down very hard. She watched as the wind and rain whipped at the trees outside of the school. "It rains a lot here, but it's never gotten this bad before". She thought to herself. Thunder rumbles across the dark sky, causing Nikki to jump. She quickly rushes back down the hall toward the bathrooms. When she sees the bathrooms she lets out a sigh and slows her pace and calmly walks in. She walks over to one of the mirrors and looks at her reflection in the mirror. Her neck still felt wet, but she couldn't see why through the dark fabric of her shirt's collar. Nikki looks around cautiously, making sure nobody else was coming down the halls. Nobody. She couldn't see or hear anybody coming, so she runs back into the bathroom and stands back in front of the mirror. She pushes her collar down very carefully and examines the red bite marks on her neck. They didn't look any different from when she looked at them earlier. Something didn't seem right though. She takes another quick lance around to make sure nobody was near. When she doesn't see anybody she reaches down and pulls her shirt off. She could see all of her neck now and lets out a sharp gasp when she sees what was causing all of her discomfort. There was a small stream of blood running down from one of the bite marks and went all the way down her neck and onto her chest. It looked like she had actually been bleeding for quite a while now because a lot of the blood was dried or drying. Nikki was beginning to panic and she quickly grabbed a fist full of paper towels and ran them under some cool water. She gently dabbed her neck, cleaning the blood off of it. She takes a closer look at the two marks. They didn't look like they were still bleeding. They actually looked like they had stopped quite a while ago. Nikki winces when she accidentally presses to hard as she finished cleaning them. She takes one last quick look at them before she quickly throws her shirt back on. She walks back out into hall calmly. She looks around at the hall with a confused look on her face. It must have been a trick of the light, but the hall almost seemed like it had actually gotten even darker. The hall in all of its emptiness and sudden darkness, seemed a lot like a graveyard. Nikki starts walking faster when she suddenly gets the feeling that she is being watched. Nikki stops by the front doors on her way back to the classroom. The storm had gotten even worse. Nothing could even be seen beyond a few feet of the school because of how hard the rain was falling. She quickly hurries down the hall. It was kinda of spooky how unnaturally quite the school was. Usually at least one of two people are walking in the halls, but nobody was anywhere to be seen. Nikki looks down at her watch. There were only a few more hours left of school. Nikki continues down the hall, the only sound the echo of her footsteps on the grey and white tiles of the hallway. She quickly runs back into the classroom and takes her seat. The movie still had another hour. She gently rests her head back down on her desk. She was still tired and decided to take another nap.

Chapter 14

"Hey!" Lance shouts down the hall. " Serist, wait up!" He says, catching up with Serist. " How did you know about Nikki?" He asks curiously. Serist answers with a sly grin. Typical Serist. Knows all, tells nothing. " do you know where Faith is?" He asks, his vampire charm extremely distinct in his voice. Lance grins. " probably in the gun range again". He answers, his grin growing. Serist rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh. " I swear, she spends more time with those guns then she does with her husband". Lance says, the grin still very visible on his face. " don't remind me". Serist grumbles, glaring at Lance.
The two of them continue walking down the hall until they reach a steel reinforced door at the end of the hall. There are sharp gun shots coming from the other side and the door lets out a loud metallic creak as Serist gently opens it and the two of them step in. The room inside is dark and seems very plain and simple. The walls are made from a dark concrete that stretches back for about 20-30ft. The room is completely empty aside from a table sitting by the door and a few stone figures sitting at the opposite end of the room. On the table sits several different guns and clips of ammunition. Standing at the table is a tall slender women with long dirty blond hair that flows down her shoulders and stops about her mid-back. She is wearing a long elegant black dress that is made from a thin material that almost seems like spider webs that have been intricately woven together. A loud sound snaps through the air as she pulls the trigger of one of the guns. A hole suddenly bursts in one of the stone figures, sending small stone fragments tumbling to the ground. She quickly brings up a second guns and fires off a few more shots. The Figure suddenly explodes as several more holes all burst on its surface, sending stone fragments in every direction. The statue trembles slightly and then crumbles to the ground in pieces. Lance looks at the statue with a suprised look on his face. " Wow! what a woman!" Lance says jokingly, turning to Serist with a impish grin on his face. " Hey, thats my woman". Serist says back, a sly grin forming on his face. Both of them let out a hearty laugh and turn to Faith. "what are you two laughing at?" Faith asks, turning around and setting the guns down on the table. Lance looks up at Serist, waiting for an answer, but Serist was spaced out and looked like he was off in his own little world. " Hey" Lance says, jabbing him lightly in the side. " your wife asked you a question". Lance says, looking up at his dazed mentor. " Huh?" Serist asks blankly, shaking himself out of his daze. " what?" He asks, turning his attention back to Faith. " Oh, nothing". Faith says flatly, rolling her eyes. " Lance" Faith says, turning to the young vampire. " Your sister is looking for you". She says, a sad look suddenly coming over her face. Lance looks at her, a confused look on his face. Not because of the news of his sister, but rather because of the look on Faith's face. " where is she?" Lance asks quietly. " the usual place" faith answers, looking away. " ok. I'll go see her after I go meet with the elders". Lance says sadly, heading for the door. " wait" Serist says quickly, reaching out and stopping lance. " go, ill cover for you with the elders". He says, giving him a reassuring pat on the back. " ok". Lance says almost silently, wealking out of the room. " whats wrong?" faith asks, looking over at Serist, who suddenly had a sad look on his face. " I dont know. Just a feeling. Like something really bad is going to happen or something bad is going on". Serist says quietly, a sense of forewarning in his voice.

Chapter 15

The rain falls hard on the park as the wind blows about quickly. The silence is broken by a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. The wind grabs at every recklessly as it rushes by anything it touches. A voice softly whispers across the quiet park. A dark figure walks over to the splintered remains of the fallen tree. " Nick" It whispers, its voice being carried along with the wind. " such a dissapointment" It says, walking around the tree. The dead wolf begins to shift and opens its yellow eyes, looking up into the stormy sky above them. He pulls himself up from the jagged remains of the tree and standing back up, shaking slightly as he tries to steady himself. " Defeated by a mere vampire" The dark figure says, pacing back and forth infront of Nick. " A child,none the less". It says, dissaprovingly. The figure steps forward and into the light of the moon. It was a man. He has short blond hair that is neatly combed forward. He has long thin side burns that run down to about eye length. His eyes are a steely grey but have hints of yellow streaks, like that of a wolf. He is about 6 feet tall but still somehow could intimidate the 7 foot tall animal that Nick was. He is wearing long black slacks and a strange leather shirt that is dyed a dark grey. Running across the shirt are numerous leather straps, that under them, hide several small darts and daggers and other small items. Billowing behind him in the midnight air is a long torn and weathered red cape. It floats behind him as the rainy wind whips around it.
" It wasn't my fault". Nick says growls under his breath, his voice rough and strangled. " you were defeated like a pup on it's first hunt" The man says calmly then suddenly lashes out and hits Nick hard against the back of his head. Nick yipps out in pain and falls back down to the ground. The man reaches behind his cape and pulls out a sword sheath. He removes the sword from it's sheath and holds it out toward Nick. The sword is large and very thick and doesn't seem to have much of an edge at all. It seems to glow in the dark void of the night though and the shadows wrap themselves around it's blade almost as if called by the dark blade. " Luthein" Nick says, trying to catch his breath. " It was lance" He manages to choke out. " He was here". Luthein slowly draws his sword back. " Lance was here?" He asks quietly, sliding the sword back into it's sheath. Nick tries to catch his breath again to answer but luthein was already gone. " Silverfang is looking for you. He has made progress on the weapon and wishes to speak with you". Luthien's voice says on the wind from the shadows. Nick nods and gives a bow, knowing luthien was probably still watching. Nick waits until he is sure that he is gone and then lets out a bitter growl as he is reminded of the numerous wounds that plagued him. He stands back up and gathers his strength as he makes his way out of the park and out of the park.

The moon could be seen, but only just bearly through the thick cover of the storm clouds over head. Nick brushes his rain drenched fur out of his face as he makes his way down the street. He was still in his wolf form, and probably would be for several more hours. He looks around at the rain filled streets. They were empty. He hurries down the street and listens to the soft patter of his feet on the cold side walk. The storm was getting worse. The rain and wind froze everything with it's chilly touch as it fell down to the earth. Nick shivers as the cold wind and rain pelt him. he was almost there though and keeps pushing himself to keep going.

He soon arrives at an old abandoned subway. The dark subway is blocked off and boarded up so that nobody could ever go into it. Nick reaches out and rips a few of the boards down. He sets them down and stares into the dark abyss of the subway. There are a few things scattered about and one or two lights cast a very weak glow on the room. Nick thought back to the story about why they had closed the subway,

One night a lonely man wandered into the subway. He had gotten himself lost and was looking for a pay phone to call home. He figured there would be one down in a public place like the subway. He walked down into the darkness, but never came back out. The police searched every where for him, but he was nowhere to be found. They finally searched the subway and were shocked at what they found. There was blood everywhere. The only clues they found were broken tiles, a few smashed benches, and massive clw marks on the walls. They closed the subway and searched the tracks, but the man was never found and was eventaully left for dead. They closed the subway permently and boarded it up. Over time, the event was forgotten and everything returned to normal. Everybody walked by the old abandoned subway, not even putting so much as a thought into what had happened down in it's dark depths.
Nick walks down the cold steps until he reaches the bottom. He looks around at the dark dungeon the subway had become. He looks down at the ground, the blood still spilled across it's surface. He picks up one of the broken tiles and looks at the shattered reflection of his face in it's glossy surface. He stares into the eyes of the monster reflected on it's cold surface. he drops the tile and walks over to the wall. he runs his clawed hand across it's rough surface. His claws fit in the holes perfectly. He silently walks over and jumps down onto the train's tracks. He speeds up his pace until he eventually finds himself running down the tracks, sinking into the endless darkness of the tunnel.

Chapter 16

" So?" Jessi asks, trying to contain her excitement. " whats up?" She asks, urging Nikki on, eager to hear the good news. " Well, ummm...." Nikki stammered, trying to figure out how should would tell Jessi about everything that had happened. " It was him". She says quietly, her face going red as she remembered the night before. " It was the boy". She says, looking away sheepishly. Jessica just gives her a confused look then breaks out into a huge smile. " Details Nikki! Details!". She says, her smile growing. " Don't you remember? The boy from my dream..." Nikki says quietly, making sure that nobody else around them heard. " I finally met him" She says quietly in a hushed tone. A shocked and suprised look comes over Jessi's face. " You mean he's real?!" She asks, trying to contain her sudden excitement. " Jessi" Nikki starts, looking away and then back up at her. " I think I love him". Nikki Says, hiding her face under her long bangs. Jessi sat down and listened to Nikki as she began to explain everything that had happened the past few days, leaving out the parts about Nick, vampires, and being blooded. Jessi looks at her friend, not wanting to believe anything she was saying. None of it made sense and didn't really seem possible. Honestly, Jessi didn't want to believe anything she was saying. If it wasn't for the look Nikki had in her eyes while she was saying it, Jessi would have never believed it. " When will you get to see him again?" Jessi asks simply. " I don't know". Nikki answers quietly. " I really don't know....." She repeats sadly, hiding a tear as it fell down her face. Deep inside her heart, she missed him already. She missed him so much. Suddenly something outside catches Nikki's eye and looks out into the dark rainy school yard. " Did you see that?" She asks Jessi, keeping her eyes trained on the rain filled darkness. Nikki suddenly pulls her legs up to her chest and shakes. " are you OK?" Jessi asks, concern in her voice. " Yeah, I just got the chills". Nikki says, still looking out into the rain. " If you say so" Jessi says skeptically. " I'll be right back". Nikki says suddenly, standing up and taking a deep breath. She hadn't realized just how exhausted she really was from the night before and it took her a minute to steady herself. " Are you sure your OK?" Jessi asks, looking at her friend who she was now very concerned about. " Yes, I'm sure". Nikki says happily, giving her a reassuring smile. She opens the doors and walks out into the rain and disappears into the darkness. " I guess I'll talk to you later then". Jessi says quietly to herself. Jessi didn't know the truth though. That would be the last time she would ever see Nikki again.

The rain had suddenly lightened up a little, but it somehow almost seemed like it had gotten darker outside. Nikki could feel the cold sting of the rain on her face and she shivered as the chilling wind blew through her. Chills suddenly spring up on her neck and race down her spine. Something had moved through the darkness and Nikki had only just bearly caught sight of it out of the corner of her eye. Nikki looks around and searches for whatever have caused her so suddenly to become on edge. She turns around quickly when the feeling suddenly grows and comes to an abrupt stop when she is facing the school. Standing in front of her is a person in a dark cloak. A dark hood is draped over their face and dark long bangs hang in their face, hiding their face even more. Nikki watches carefully. There were two dark things or figures or somethings that branched out from behind them like wings. Nikki and the mysterious stranger stand in the rain for what seems like an eternity before the dark figure finally breaks the silence. " Nikki" It says gently, it's voice seeming as if it echoed in Nikki's head. It was a woman. More specifically, a young about Nikki's age. She couldn't be much older than 16. " Nikki" She repeats again. " Who-" Nikki starts but takes a cautious step back. " How do you know my name?" She asks, starting to get a little scared. " The dark child" The figure says, still hiding her face under her hood. " The blood angel". She says, just as a flash of lightning and crash of thunder makes it's way across the sky. Nikki gasps and jumps at the lightning but mostly at what she had seen just in the small moment of light that the lightning had provided. She could see it clearly. The dark wing like figures behind her. They were wings. They were long vast wings that looked as if they belonged to an angel. Except for one thing. The wings were black. The wings were as black as night itself. Something seemed to stick out more than anything in Nikki's mind though. When the wind had blown by her, Nikki had caught a glimpse of a red symbol in one of the folds of the cloak. Something about the symbol seemed really familiar, but she just couldn't quite remember where she had seen it before. Nikki finally shakes herself from her deep thought when she hears the dark girl speak again. She said a single name and it caught Nikki completely off guard. " Lance". She says quietly, hiding in the shadows of her hood. " What about him?" Nikki asks, her voice shaking. " You will bare him a child". The dark stranger says, finally pulling her hood back. Her face was hard to see in the dim light of the dark rain, but Nikki could still see it. Her face was very young and looked like it had a few long scars across it. She had long thin black hair that feel about shoulder length. She had a very warm but stern face and her eyes seemed like they were pure silver. " This child" She started. " Will bring about the end of this war. The war that has been battling for thousands of years." She says, her eyes shifting silently. " wait, what war? we aren't at war..." Nikki asks, trying to made sense of what she was saying. " He will take on the name of the angels father". She replies, seeming to completely disregard Nikki's question. " wait, what?" Nikki asks, still very confused. The school bells suddenly rang and the happy screams of thousands of kids cut through the cloak of the rain filled air. " go to him. He needs you". Nikki heard the girl say. She had only looked away for a few seconds, but that's all it took. She was gone. The dark angel like girl had vanished into the darkness and was nowhere to be seen. Nikki turns around and suddenly takes off running toward the street. She didn't know why she was or even where she was going. She couldn't really even see 2 feet in front of her face because of the rain. There was only one thing on her mind and that was all she really knew for sure at the moment. There was one person she was worried about more than anything and she wouldn't stop until she found him. She had to find Lance.

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