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Only read on if you think you can take it.
Quick thought (Character)
Another character for Pitch re-make!!

>::Species = Human(?mostly?)/Deity blessed
>::Can use 'light magic,' and was gifted with fire magic. She uses both during her hunting to both subdue and destroy her prey. Has brutal strength -a gift from the deity- and little patience for speech.
>::Has acquired an 'insane,' reputation for going after large prey -either groups or Goliath's- with little to no fear and a near foolish amount of recklessness. The Hunter community tends to avoid her, as she's violent on and off missions, sharp, short of words but not of spite, and tends to smack those that irritate her -and I quote 'Because I felt like it' end quote. As a hunter, she has few equals, but as a human being, she sucks; until she decides that she likes you. Then she can be pretty decent.
>::Knows how to use just any close-range blade and long-range shooter, but has little experience with other weapons, though she does try to work on that. Is deadly at hand-to-hand, and has recently started creating her very own fighting style.
>::Serious, calm, short-of-temper, and straight to the point, she rarely, if ever displays friendliness. Her humor is out of place, her rationality is a bit messed up, and her logic is screwed. It's hard tell what she's thinking, and even harder to tell when she's calm, because she always looks angry.

>::Age is . . . . relatively young?

>::Her past is a secret she keeps close, and shares with no one, but she was willing to make this one-time exception for me, so pay attention. As a child as was taken by the Shades and brought to a lab of some sort, where they experimented with the best way to torture and or kill humans. Her mind was shattered, and probably won't ever be the same, and her body is still healing from the various experiments done to her. After her escape -too late in her mind, because she left a piece of herself in that dungeon- she stumbled from place to place until she was miraculously lead to a monastery. There, she learned that the monks light deity had blessed her in the middle of her sorrows and helped her to get out, then lead her battered soul to the gates of her worshipers.
She spent years studying under the monks, and after her 'initiation' into thier ranks, her deity -who had become her only source of sanity- gave her a mission. Protect others. So she did. She completed her training, earned her Hunters licenses, and has spent every day since making sure others don't have to suffer in the same way she did. She even went back to the lab she had been held in and destroyed it, but she knows there are others out there. She looks for them from time to time, when her missions aren't all that pressing.

>::She is, Claire Maddock, the Mad Dog of the Monastery.

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