dear body,
im sorry
im sorry i hate you
im sorry i wish you were different

dear arms,
im sorry i cut you
im sorry i sleep on you in weird ways

dear legs,
im sorry i cut you and poked you with needles
im sorry i dont put lotion on you to keep you soft

dear feet,
im sorry for wearing uncomfortable shoes
im sorry for walking bare foot on rocky roads

dear hand.
im sorry for writing so much you hurt
im sorry for poking you when i sew and knit

dear head,
im sorry for wanting to blow a hole through you
you are the best part of me

dear eyes,
im sorry for not eating carrots now you need glasses

dear nose,
your small and cute
im sorry your stuffy right now

dear mouth,
im sorry im keeping you from kissing
just wait it will be great

dear body,
you may not be perfect but your ok...
this is why i made this