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A journal talking about stuffs I like, stuffs I do etc ... It might be in French sometimes, cause i'm french lol !!!
Another wonderfull Post ^_^
OKay, my first post was very un-interesting ! I'm sorry lol !!

Let's try and make my life more captivating !!!

So today when I woke up, i realized there was somebody beside me in my bed ... That's such a strange feeling, you are still a bit sleepy, and you feel somebady by your side, and the most frightening is that you absolutely don't know who the ******** it is !!!!
So, the first thing to do is to try to remeber what you did the night before ...
But I couldn't remeber having met somebody the night before ...
Sudenly I realised, I should maybe watch closer to see who it is ... Maybe it's someone I know ...
So I took the blanket softly and watched ...
It was a girl !!! A ******** pretty girl !!! Asleep by my side !!!!

What sould i have done ? I don't know, but I was pretty lost ... I didn't know what to do, so I tried to get out my bed as silently as possible, not to awake her.
I was abot to reach the door when suddenly I heard a *moaning* behind me. I froze , unable to move, and in that very moment, she screamed !!!!!
She screamed so loudly that I put my hands on my ears.
Five minutes of screaming later, she stopped .
She looked at me. I must look ridiculous in my pajamas lol.
She looked pretty affraid at me , but curious too .
- Who are you ? she asked.
- I'm Shiori, Shiori Master ....
When she heard my name she looked even more affraid and answered, shaking:
- I'm Shiori Master too ... Nice ... To meet you ...

TO BE CONTINUED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay !! The first Post on my dear Journal !!!
I finally created my journal !! Yippee !!! At last !!!
Well, now, I have to fill it, such a problem ...

Right now, I'm listening the opening theme of Daria, the wonderful TV show ... *sob* I want to see one episode !!!
Well, for sure Daria is a great TV show ... I don't know if people are really like them in USA, but it's frightening ! LOL !!!
Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm not so naive, I know TV show are not for real sweatdrop

Well them, what abot my life today ?
I went to the university, though I'm not a student anymore sweatdrop
I went to a Japanese class with Lilith.a and Hisa, two "friends" of mine ...
Yep, they are "friends" !! LOl, I hope they'll read this !!
So the class was very boring ... And after that, to make our brain breathe a little fresh air (fresh is not the good word, I think "freezing " is better to discribe our wonderful french winter xp ) we went to miss Hisa's appartement ...
It's so funny to go to Hisa's, I really like her room. I have a lotof fun there ...
She has an amazing Giraffe cover from Dior's. LOL blaugh
Oui, j'adore ta couverture girafe !! C'est pas pour me moquer !

I think this story is getting very boring...
So let's change subject !!!

I feel like I'm talking alone ... LOL blaugh
Sitting on my chair, in front of my computer, listening "Ray Of Light" By Madonna ...

OK, I think this is over for now !!

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