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Their Story.
So there was a girl, she was lonely, and she was young.

She always wanted somebody to love her, to care for her, to hold her...

Until one day.

She met this guy,.

It all started out as a friendship,it was like no other.

They were the bestest of friends.

Soon, she saw the greatness in him.

Despite his looks, she saw so much more.

He was so perfect. Everything she could ask for.

He cared for her.

He was loyal.

He was kind.

He was one of a kind.

She soon grew to love him.

But she was so insecure,

she didn't know whether she should grow to love him.

or to tell him how she felt;

besides, she thought:

the age difference more than enough...

but this was only her speaking to herself...

besides his looks...

besides his age...

what is he really?

she knew the truth.

He was so perfect.

It's like destiny.


as the years went on.

she grew to love him even more,

but yet she was so confused.


she could never find a guy, with the personality traits as he does.

she wanted him. & she knew it.


One day,

it was a very bad day...

she needed somebody to talk to other than her bestest friend. ; although she already knew.

She wanted serious help.

he was the first to pop into her mind,

so one day she called him up.

He answered.


The sound of his voice was like music to her ears.

it comforted her instantly.

She loved that about him.

Soon she told him what was happening.


As he heard the whole story,

He completely understood.

He comforted her with all his best.

He even stayed up all night doing it.

But as the comverstaion went on,

He soon went into deep silence.

She wondered what was going on.

So she asked him what's wrong.

He broke down in tears,

and told her he loved her.

All the time, and years they spent,

he's been hiding it, just like she was.

He told her when and how he grew to love her.

it was the same story as hers.

It was like destiny.

I couldn't have been a lie.

She knew it.

and so did he.

Soon they were both crying,

but in pure happiness.

It was all they could ever wish for.

It was not a coincidence.

it was pure destiny.


As the yrs has passed, with them being together,

they were deeply in love.

It was no lie.

But soon they were blinded with it.

They drowned in it.

It has blurred out their vision so much,

that they have turned reckless.

They did everything in order to see eachother.

And soon, the police got involved.

They took him away.

He squirmed, and screamed.

He yelled out her name.

more than once.

more than twice.

with her grandma holding her back,

she broke down in tears.

she screamed for him.

she felt hopeless.

the last words they said to eachother were:

"I love you."

and they dissapeared from eachother's sight.

Will they ever see eachother again?

Will they every hear from one another again?

What will become of them?

Only the future holds the truth.

Yet until now,

She waits for him in patience.

As does he at the other side of the world.

ive wished our love will never end.

Ive wished love was a happiness.

Ive had wished everything.

but what did we get.

We got the the misery.

We've been banished.

So what is love?

I've wished for everything.

I've wished for you.

I've wished for me.

I've wished for us.

In the end we've been banished.

Now all we have left is the side effect.

All we've got is the pain.

We had in in us.


and Me.

But what had happened?

They've crushed us.

Because of what we had.

I've wished our love will never end.

I've wished love was a happiness.

I've believed it was a priveledge.

But I see it was a lie.

We've been fooled and now we pay.

What we've got left now

Is half a heart and the side effect.

All we've got now is thge pain.

I've wished our love would never end.

But Take a look at what they've done to us.

They've lied to us.

And now we pay.

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