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My happenings
RP stats
⊰Basic Character Information:

[»]True Name: Iria Howe (Number 13 of 32)
[»]Titles: Number 13 , Huntress , Bane of Corthal,
[»]Nicknames: Marida Cruz, Mari, Duster, Law Dog, Behaul Nir Tabora Sol (Beautiful Flower of the Morning Sun or just Flower of the Morning.)
[»]Affiliation: New Corinth Labs, House of Corthal Vengar, Bounty Hunter’s Trade Union
[»]Occupation: Bounty Hunter , Salvager , Mercenary for Hire , Private Security (Personal Guard, Threat Assessment Team)


[»]Appeared Age: 25
[»]Actual Age: unknown
[»]Date of Birth: March 9th
[»]Gender: Female
[»]Sexuality: Bisexual
[»]Place of Birth: New Corinth Labs
[»]Race: Neer
[»]Heritage: The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Neers, House of Corthal
[»]Height: 5' 9"
[»]Weight: 150 lbs.
[»]Build: Athletic
[»]Skin Color: Pale Tan
[»]Blood Type: N-Type, A-
[»]Natural Eye Color: Violet
[»]Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
[»]Current Hair Color: Violet
[»]Hair Length: about 14 inches
[»]Hair Style: Blown back
[»]Defining Facial Features: Laser tattoo ID code under left eye, Torn upper earlobe on the left ear
[»]Dominant Hand: Left handed.
[»]Speech Patterns: Venalian, Basic.


[»]Marital Status: Single
[»]Birth Father: N / A
[»]Birth Mother: N / A
[»]Siblings: Numbers 1-32 Batch Six (sisters)
[»]Children: None
[»]Family Finances: N / A
[»]Best Friend(s): Mr. Boggles (AI teddy bear)


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Calm
[»] Even Tempered
[»] Reflective
[»] Well Intentioned
[»] Charming

[→] Likes:
[»] Hunting
[»] Intrigue
[»] Stars
[»] Dragons
[»] Photography
[»] Music

[→] Dislikes:
[»] Back Stabbers
[»] Feeders
[»] Cowards
[»] Number 3

[»]Bad Habits: Not filing reports and filing out her paperwork in an orderly manner.
[»]Good Habits: Being charitable
[»]Best Memory: Completing her first bounty
[»]Worst Memory: Number 3’s betrayal
[»]Proud Of: Her collection of trophies
[»]Temperament: Fairly sedate and mild mannered save for key hot-button issues.

[→] Friendships [Allies]:
[»] Sayrin Zuai
[»] Andre weyland
[»] Gabriel Zuai
[»] The House of Corthal
[»] Forrester Ray Weyland
[»] Auger
[»] Mr. Boggles

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]:
[»] Number 3

[→] Quotes:
[»] Even identical copies are different once you look close enough.
[»] Often the biggest hindrance to your progress is yourself.
[»] Memento Mori.
[»] On your feet or on your knees, I get paid either way.

[→]Brief Biography:
[»] A New Corinth Labs made Enhanced Human, or Neer, she was put through extensive training along with the other clones of her batch to be an assassin. However, in her batch one of her sisters, Number 3 betrayed the others and one-by-one hunted the others down until only she and 13 were left. After losing a fight to 3 she was found and put in a brothel where years of abuse caused her to become sterile. She was eventually bought by Rylan hunters and adopted into the House of Corthal. After some years in their care she left to put her skills to use collecting bounties.

⊰Offensive/Defensive Traits:

[→]Passive Abilities:

Spatial Awareness - Through the enhancement process she like all enhanced clone-type Neers are capable of controlling specially tuned remote weapons mentally.

Telepathy- A trait only useable between Neers, they share a common, hive-like mental collective that allows them to operate as a unit effectively.

[»] Natural abilities:

Strength – Iria is stronger than the average human male by a considerable amount and some other species. The enhancement process boosts her physical endurance as well.

Agility – Partially connected with her spatial abilities she is able to avoid fast attacks and maneuver out of harms way.

Speed – Faster than a human, Iria can, with amplifiers reach speeds that make her exceedingly difficult to detect visually.

Enhanced Sight – At full enhancement Iria can see up to five miles in x30 magnification. Her compound eyes can also see in thermal and night vision. She can also see electro-magnetic fields produced by electronics and neural impulses created by living things.

Smell – Iria is capable of detecting odors or chemicals that humans cannot and can rely on scent to help her track prey.

[»] Enhanced Immune System : Special factors inside her body make her immune to most chemical and biological agents. She is also immune to many types of optical illusions.

[»] Enhanced Hearing: Like all Neers, naturally born, artificially created, or cloned, Iria has sensitive hearing allowing her to hear sounds inaudible to humans. This is also a weakness against sonic weapons, so she wears specially adapted earphones that can filter out noises that will cause damage.

[→]Active/Offensive Abilities

[»] The Black Mist: A broiling black cloud that emanates from her that can be in small controlled areas or completely engulf her. It can form into solid forms for physical attacks or manipulate matter. It is also able to enter others and allows for Iria to take control of them for whatever purpose she wishes. It can also be a defensive measure shielding her from attack, or covering retreats. It is not a Neer ability as was inherited at an unknown time.

[»] EMP: She can emit an EMP wave that disables all unshielded electronic devices.


[»] Nexus (large sword): Created by a Rylan sword smith for the purpose of being wielded against much more powerful creatures such as dragons it is made from a material called Rylan Steel, an extra-terrestrial metal hardier and more durable than anything found on earth. The sword is ornately decorated with the teeth and bones of the first dragon she felled. It is a heat-blade which means a battery core will heat the blade making it able to slice through hard materials without harming the blade’s edge. Unlike earth metals that eventually warp and break after successive heating and cooling the materials used to construct the sword were purposely meant to withstand long periods of use and abuse and even super-heating.

[»] Plasma Castor- An arm mounted weapon that has six main dish nozzles, a large one on the right palm, and five smaller ones on the fingers and thumb that generate highly charged plasma that can be shot at an opponent as a single bolt of energy, a diffuse dispersion, or in a shorter shot form. The ID field generator allows it to also be manipulated into simple shapes becoming a stabbing or cutting weapon.

[»] Sniper Rifle: A long-range, high caliber rifle used for shooting targets. It uses a “data scope” that computer identifies targets which allows the rifle to be used by remote for multiple purposes. It can fire AP rounds for armored targets but usually is used against soft targets.

[»]Mk. VI Pulse Cannon: A shoulder-mounted plasma cannon that is optically controlled by a special eye piece. It comes with a special shoulder armor mount and a back support for the weight. It’s a close to medium range weapon but at longer ranges the energy dispersion makes it less effective. Although the motion tracking can lock onto stationary targets at long range it has difficulty acquiring targets in motion at a half a mile or more.

[»] Compact Pulse Pistols: A pair of compact pistol versions of the Mk. VI they are less powerful to facilitate the more mobile frame. Still, with the plasma generator packing a more powerful punch than bullet firing handguns, they very good for close range targets even armored ones.

[»] Pulse AR: Used in extremely dicey situations when the power of the shoulder mounted cannon is needed in rapid successive fire at longer ranges, the AR has a special synthetic covering and a data sight that works by tying the target reticule directly into her compound eyes so that accuracy is improved. Able to go through any civilian vehicle and many forms of wall material, the Pulse AR is Iria’s primary long-arm weapon. She usually uses it on bounties that are well-armed.

[»] 10mm SMG: Modeled on the Aliens SMG which was built on Thompson Sub Machine Guns, it fires a light armor piercing 10mm round with an over/ under grenade launcher. Rugged and durable with solid record in the field it is an automatic weapon good for clearing buildings or putting down wily ET’s.

[»] ID Field Generator: An Inter-Dimensional Shift Generator located in her armor suit allows her to manipulate matter, space, and time to pass through solid objects. It, in theory, could be used to make her phase shift to allow enemy attacks to simply pass through her and then reform and launch attacks of her own but the coordination and control required is beyond what her field generator can do and thus does not permit for such uses.

[»] Thermoptic Camouflage: A type of cloak field that renders her invisible by bending light and also holds in body heat and reflects IR radiation.

[»] Basic Combat Knife

[→] Known Outfits:
[»] Standard -Black and purple N6 New Corinth Combat Armor. It comes with tough snyth-fabric skirt that wraps around the back and sides. It comes with a black glossy helmet which she only wears in hostile environments. She also has a cloak made of the same material that the skirt is that she can wear over it. It is a tan color and flame resistant.
[»] Casual – A skintight black body suit with violet highlights made of tear resistant material, a yellow half jacket with a patch on the left breast pocket, a belt with two holsters, black finger-less gloves, boots, sun glasses.
[»] Rest- A light blue tank-top, gray sweat pants, blue slippers, green and blue patterned robe.

[→]Character Theme

[»] Banshee

Lem Kosmea
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Lem Kosmea
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