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Dreamer's Little Black Book

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AMV's that I want to see created:
*Spoiler Alert*
Some anime's share the same songs
Moar to be added/subtracted

Code Geass:

  • Dreaming with a Broken Heart - John Mayor
    Lelouch singing about the deaths of Shirley and/or Nunnally.
  • Gravity - John Mayor
    Suzaku singing about the death of Shirley/Nunnally, the massacre from that avalanche, including fight scenes in the Lancelot, and starts off with him staring into that puddle after firing the FLEIJA and ends on that scene where he walks away.
  • Heck No - Maldroid
    Lelouch singing about battling Britania. This is the real reason their fighting! Including degrading scenes of 11's and battles.
  • Hell Song - Sum 41
    Could work with either Suzaku or Lelouch. Needs lots of ACTION for this energetic song! For either of them they would use the last episode of season one for "I cant believe whats happened to you".
  • Higher - Creed
    Lelouch singing about Karren helping him to defeat Britania. Scenes with Karren protecting Lelouch and him generally talking to her to the lyrics. Ends with Karren taking Lelouch back in the first episode of season two.
  • If I were you - Hoobastank
    Lelouch singing about his father, Clovis, and Schenizel, wishing a better world for Nunally. Scenes of battle going off, avalanche, the FLEIJA giong off, things generally getting destroyed and the aftermath. Ending with a lonely sitting Lelouch.
  • Imperial March Techno Remix
    Mostly just the knightmares, preparing and then battling. This needs PERFECT timing on the battling to be a sucessful AMV. Maybe a fade out of the Emperor's face right in the middle where it fades out.
  • Lonely Day - System of a Down
    Scenes of Lelouch being lonely. Especially from the Betrayal episode. Being locked in his room. And at the end "Its a day I'm glad I survived" where he gets up with his crazy smile and goes out of the room or starts walking out.
  • Look What You've Done - Jet
    Suzaku singing about Lelouch, especially after the avalanche, Sherlie's death, Kallen (and Suzaku earlier) finding out about Lelouch at the season one finale, Schenizel telling the Black Knights about Lelouch, and then Lelouch facing these consequences (like the scene in the shower, Shellie in the rain).
  • Mad World - Gary Jules
    Suzaku singing about himself, with the scene of the massacre, his past with Lelouch, his first day of class when nobody looked at him, "the dreams in which I'm dying..." to the scene of him killing his father.
  • Meant to Live - Switchfoot
    Lelouch singing this to Suzaku. Scenes of tension between them, the scene with Suzaku being cast the geass, battles.


  • In A Heartbeat - In a House
    An L tribute. Probably use with the recap episode right after L dies. The last 30 seconds should be of Lights death and the ending where L's ghost comes back for him.
  • Days Go By - Dirty Vegas
    Light thinking about L, remembering L, comparing Near to L. Kind of a stretch.
  • Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
    Light singing. A funny crazy light song. I think it fits almost perfectly. XD
  • Hysteria - Muse
    Ryuuk takes the stage! He wants his apples, and he wants them now! General scenes of him and apples, him having apple withdrawl, him when he first meets Light, him in prison with Light, him pondering in the Shinigami realm.
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Lawerence
    A tribute to the life of Light. The music representing the heartbeat of L. Fit the battle between Light and L/Near in 4 and a half minutes! The dramatic ending being where everything becomes chaotic as he gets foiled by Near he runs and then with the last note dies. Extra points if its titled "Merry Christmas L". Even MORE extra points if the song also has a heart beating slowly in the background that fades out, and at the end a fast racing heart beat that comes back at the end for Lights death.
  • Must Be Emo - Adam And Andrew
    Light singing this song while writting in his deathnote, soon showing scenes related to the lyrics, "if i said I liked girls, I'd only be half right''/"just because they saw me kiss a guy" showing the scene of him and L handcuffed together and L's blushing face (he was making it at Misa), the ending should have him writting in the deathnote again.

Welcome to the NHK:

  • Ana Ng - They Might Be Giants
    This is a stretch. Sato singing about Misaki. Needs to include the scene on the island when they're talking about suicide during "I dont like the world" part.
  • Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
    Sato singing about his life within the conspiracy. Scenes with his dreams, him passed out, his apartment a wreak, and the kitchen appliances. The part with the music should have the scene where he cant stand his neighbors music.
  • Crazy - Gnarles Barkley
    About Sato, same with Bittersweet Symphony.
  • Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
    Another crazy Sato song.
  • Inside Out - Eve 6
    Sato being crazy because of Misaki. Crazy scenes/situations of both of them together.
  • Mad World - Gary Jules
    Sato being depressed, somewhat crazy, with his house messy.

Ouran Highschool Host Club:

  • Are You Be My Girl? - Jet
    Host club/Tamaki about Haruhi? Tamaki not having any loving feelings, just as the "father".
  • Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
    Haruhi singing about her life and all of her "lives" within the Host Club. The chorus should have many scenes of her various costumes. "Trying to make ends meat, your a slave to money then you die" should have the scene where the twins are imagining Haruhi's house and she's all poor.
  • Common People - William Shatner
    Lol Haruhi about Tamaki and his obsession with commoners. This would be just an epic win combo.
  • Fix You - Coldplay
    The host club helping Haruhi. Especially with Tamaki and Haruhi during the thunderstorm.
  • Here you Me - Jimmy Eat World
    Haruhi singing to her mother. Scenes with the lawyer woman, the picture, and Haruhi's accomplishments at school.
  • In the Shadows - The Rasmus
    A Kyoya song! In the first chorus, have the first part of scene where he almost gets Haruhi. You know, the one where he hits the lights and throws her on the bed. Then have a bunch of flashbacks. Then the last chorus continue the scene where he gets on the bed with her, and then the last "I've been waitin'...", he gets off the bed and walks off. <3
  • No One Knows - Queen of the Stoneage
    Another Kyoya song along the same lines as the one above. Include scenes with his creepy face, and when he's got his folder possessing Haruhi.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:

  • Best of You - Foo Fighters
    Kyon singing about Haruhi annoying him with the chorus having scenes of Haruhi torturing him.
  • Butterfly - DDR
    Yes!! Haruhi singing about trying to find her club members. The parts describing the samurai should have a scene where Kyon is the opposite of whats being described.
  • Inside Out - Eve 6
    Kyon singing about the crazy situations Haruhi puts him in. And the last chorus, him walking away from Haruhi, "I'm through with you..."
  • Its the End of the World as We Know It - REM
    Haruhi in frustration, creating the dead space, fighting going on, stuff being destroyed, and at the end of the chorus "I feel fine" Kyon's just standing/sitting there with his apathetic face. It needs lots of ENERGY to the video though! Lots of chaos!
  • Middle of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat
    Kyon singing about his having to entertain Haruhi as he battles the dead space in her mind and her craziness.
  • No Rain - Blind Melon
    Haruhi singing about her boredom, with emphasis on Kyon.
  • No Sleep Tonight - The Faders
    Haruhi satisfying her boredom with Kyon. "You wont get no sleep" with Kyon's face like "what?".

Vampire Knight:

  • Between the Ends - Thrice
    Zero singing about his transformation into a vampire, and his hate for vampires.
    Kaname singing about Yuki being his daylight and not being able to grasp her. "Now I hold the key" should be shown with a scene of him threatening Zero!
  • Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
    Kaname singing about Yuki. I think it really describes Kaname's feelings for Yuki and his personality.
  • In the Shadows - The Rasmus
    Zero singing, with scenes of his night duty, being in pain, taking the pills, and encounters with the night class.
  • Let Love In - Goo Goo Dolls
    Yuki singing the song to Zero, the one who needs to let her in. Lots of scenes of them embracing at "let love in", him being hesitant but then smiling or accepting it. NOT WHERE HE'S SUCKING HER BLOOD. Thats not love, thats temptation. And then the third to last and second to last verses where Zero's struggling with the pills.

School Days:

  • Daughters - John Mayor
    Makoto singing about Sekai and Kotonoha, his infatuation, her pregnancy, his realization at the end, his decision to go with Kotonoha, and then both of their demises. (Not the nice boat though)
  • Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
    Makoto singing about his sexual experiences with all the girls in his school, with emphasis on Sekai. Including the scene where they play the sex tape in front of all the girls. Its funny because its true!
  • Cant Let Go - Landon Pigg
    Sekai singing about Makoto and their FAIL relationship. Scenes of Makoto with other women, Sekai looking jealous, especially when she's prego and sees Makoto get back with Kotonoha. For more lulz, at the last chorus, it should show her stabbing Makoto and leaving.
  • Liar - Korn
    Makoto and his sexual relations with his classmates. Especially if it gets literal with the lyrics.

Elfin Lied

  • Interstate Love Song - Stone Temple Pilots
    Lucy singing about the lie Kohta said to her (about going with his cousin to the festival), Lucy's suffering past, making it look like she's asking Kohta the question and he doesnt know the answer.
  • Lose Control - Missy Elliott
    Basically, people are in panic, the festival is in chaos, Nyuu becoming Lucy, the other experiments letting loose their vectors and cutting off apendages.
  • Mad World - Gary Jules
    Lucy being sad, slow motion on the festival chaos at "when people run in circles, its a very very...mad world", "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" being the scene she's in the research facility and maybe the one where her puppy dies (but I dont much care for that one), more of her past, getting picked on.


  • Ace of Spades - Motorhead
    Vesper woman singing the song, and theres lots of ENERGY! Chaos! Things blowing up, being smashed, demolished, ext!
  • Here it Goes Again - Ok Go!
    Naota singing about his fights and the robot coming out of his body.

Mahou Sensei Negima:

  • Mr Sandman (Original)
    Negima is the dream thats being described by the class.


  • Lonely Day - System of a Down
    Scenes when the club is broken up. Saki is bored out of her mind and all of the club members are fearful of her. She's bored at Makoto's house because he only plays his games.
  • Look What You've Done - Jet
    See above, singing about Saki.

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