The Chronicles of Smalls-

Book 1: Elven Child
This book is about a young elven boy, who lives with his mother, father, and little sister. But one day there village was attacked by a demonic, called Vincent. The boy’s father sacrifices him self to protect his family. Vincent leaves the village destroyed, with few survivors. Now Smalls and his 3 friends set off after Vincent to avenge there villages loss.

Book 2: Demonic Strike
At the end of “Elven Child” Smalls gets trapped in the demonic realm, leaving his 3 friends behind. Now Smalls has to make new allies to make it through the demonic realm. He joins up with 2 demonic’s name Raven and Jason. Half way into the book Smalls 3 friends Sam, Marcus, and Josh find a portal to the demonic realm. From there, they are trying to catch up with Smalls to help him defeat Vincent.

Book 3: Angelic Stand
At the end of “Demonic Strike” Marcus turns against smalls, then starts to work with Vincent. So now Smalls go’s to the angelic realm for help. There Smalls gets angelic wings and some untapped powers. When Smalls gets back to the demonic realm, both Josh and Jason died in battle against Marcus. Smalls tells Sam to stay in the human world so she’ll be safe. Later on, Marcus gets even stronger then Vincent.

Book 4: Truce
At the end of “Angelic Stand” Smalls and Vincent make a truce to take down Marcus.
(I don’t want to ruin of what happens in this book.)

Book 5: One Last Journey
This book takes seven years since “Truce”. Smalls was able to repair his village, Sam stayed in the human world, and no one knows what happened to Vincent. Three years after that smalls runs into a strange girl, who has the power of the hidden dragon tribe. He finds out that Vincent is her ex-boyfriend, and her brother is after her. so they go and get Vincent’s help. Later on in the book they all find out that Marcus is back and stronger then ever. So it’s time to look for big brothers help. (This story is thanks to the help of Spirited_Away_234.)

Book 6: The 8 Dark Lords
Still in Progress

Book 7: Future Crisis
Takes place 25 Years after "The 8 Dark Lords".