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Cheza 's Rollercoster or a Life
RP Samples
-RP samples-

I consider myself literate, or on the upper side of semi-literate.

Here are some Samples taken from some of my current RPs.
They are also some of my favorite moment.

A conversation between a brother and sister (( Aeiko and Keitsu )) over a fellow track member.. (( Fletcher )) the night he confessed his love for (( Aeiko ))

[[one of my favorite moments ]]

Aikou looked over as did Keitsu. They both inclinded their head to the boy then faced each other again. They were whispering between themselves, Aikou's posture very lax while Keitsu was tense and was trying to not pace infront of her brother. She did that when she was irritated. The two ended up going out the front door, and standing on the porch, that way they wouldn't wake Quill.
" I can't believe she did that" The red haired girl complained. " If Hinshu had told her to stay there , she would have.." that bugged her just a little.
" They went to find a duck not elope." Aikou retorted in favor of the younger children. " They were perfectly fine, when I found them." He assured her.
" And Where did you go?" She asked the subject switching to her twin.
" I went running with Fletcher." He said, which was true.
Keitsu narrowed her eyes. " It's Fletcher, where did you run to?" She asked.
" We went to go get ice cream." He voice was getting smaller as she questioned him. He looked away and out to the street.
" Hmm." she said. " And what happened at the ice cream shop.?" she asked fuller. He was going to tell her one way or another.
" Nothing....at the coffee shop." He looked at her then turned away again.
" Okay. So what happened after.?"
Aikou didn't answer for a very long minute he was trying to word it right. " Well we were walking back and we got to the corner where he turns off and I walk forward."
Keitsu nodded so he continued.
" And we stood there and talked for a very long minute because well he could talk forever." He told her. " He had been talking all night about this person that he liked and how he only dated track people." He got very quiet after that. " So all night I tried to guess all the girls that it could be. You know a personal game for myself, worth black mail or something." He said, thinking back. " But I was off, way off.."
" It was you."
" Yeah."
" How do you know.?"
" It's Fletcher. Most people know he's bi."
" Ah."
" You didn't?"
" I'm not observent I guess, he's a friend, so I didn't think anything of it."
" He ask you out?"
" Yeah"
" and you said?"
" No.. So he kissed me here" the orange haired boy pointed to his cheek. " And told me to think it over, then sprinted off."
Keitsu let off a small giggle.
" It's not funny.."
" It kind of is." She retorted.
Aikou shrugged.
" You okay?"
" Yeah."
" You look flusterated..." She pointed out.
" Yeah. " He answered then walked to the end of the porch. " You sleeping here or at home?" He asked quietly.
" Home. " She answered after a moment of thinking.
He nodded and the two of them walked back to their house.

One of my longest intros for a character- Vampire Knight - When Blood Runs Dry.
Character- Shiki Senrei

Crystal blue eyes watched scenery fly by through tinted glass. An idle voice was talking from the front of the vehicle to the boy in the back, though not to the driver's knowledge, wasn't listening to a word that he was saying. The crimson haired boy was watching as the dull and uneventful world rolled by. He was of course on his way home from a modeling shoot, that happened that evening.

Shiki Senri, the boy in the back seat, had left class early that night to go there. He was part of the Night Class at Cross Academy. He didn't do this without permission of course. Both the Chairman of the school and the dorm head, his cousin, Kaname Kuran knew about this, and he wasn't the only one. A fellow student of the Night Class, Rima Touya, usually came along, but this shoot was for him only.

His director, a manager of sorts, knew what he was, and in so knowing worked with that and his time frame. She had to work around class hours and day hours, though the boy was rather okay with coming out, her only precaution was that he carried with him an umbrella, to protect his skin.

It was all rather tiring but in the same respect it was more entertaining and active then being at the school. The car slowed to a stop at the front gate. The driver had stopped talking, for he realized it was to himself and not the passanger. He turned to wave the boy off, and reminded him not to forget the small white parasal in the car like last time. The door shut, and the car sped off.

Standing on the side walk, Shiki looked over at the umbrella in his hand, and gave a small sigh. He reached into the pocket of his uniform and pulled out a small pouch of pocky. He had stollen it from Aido that evening when he left early, the boy was probably freaking out by now, but that was okay with the crimson haired model. Pulling out two, for they had melted together, he placed them in his mouth and walked towards the gate, where he saw Yuuki standing there, spacing out as usual.

He opened the large iron gate and walked inside. He inclined his head in a small greeting, but didn't say a word. It was only for the reason that if he didn't and the dorm head found out, he might get in trouble. The night class was to be nice to the guardian girl, which got to be hard at times, but they had no choice when it came to what a pure blood said. For some reason Kaname had a fondness for her, which was unsettling for most of the Night Class, but then again it was Kaname.

He was close to the enterance for the dorm now. His umbrella was over his head, for the sun really was higher then he thought it was. He passed the other guardian, Zero Kiryuu. He should have joined the night class a while ago and yet here he was playing Day Class, disiplinary guardian. Just one more thing that could bug him. He passed him, glancing over slightly and then walking by. " They come today..don't they?" He asked unenthusiastically. Girls were starting to flock but kept their distance because of where Zero stood, it really was his mistake to walk in alone, with all the Day Class students more excited then normal, though he never took notice. He thought it to be moronic, and stupid, the way they acted.
They wouldn't if they knew what their idols....were...

A typical Feign moment- Faded Eclipse Boarding School

It was very rare that the blonde angel ever took that Luca had to say seriously, or even agree with it, Hell would have to freeze over before that happened, but strangely enough, the comments that the boy were making were ringing true. Feign half turned, to look down and over to where the other silvery haired youth was, but to his suprise, he wasn't alone, not Luca was talking to a different being, a girl no less. It was suddle shock, which almost called for a comment on how the blue eyed boy was being more of a flirt than he was, but he managed to keep his mouth closed.

His eyes scanned over the girl, then over the boy, to finally rest on the brightly colored fliers, that she had. Potions, something Feign knew little about, and had experimented little with, not that he really needed a potion, when a spell worked just as brilliantly and took less time. " Fliers would help our club.." He said in a somewhat monotone voice. " White magic isn't gifted to everyone, same as those in dark magic. It's exclusive, so really unless you have the gift then there is no point in joining the club.." He was being blunk and frank, but it was the truth. Unlike the other clubs, that didn't require blood line and power, White and Dark magic were exclusive, to say the least. Anyone could act, anyone can write, draw, learn music, observe nature. Heck anyone could learn to conjure up and mix potions. But in order to conjure up 12-120 lightning bolts in a single blast, preordaned power must be there.

As he was in the middle of his thoughts, he almost laughed, about the dounut comment, okay, well it was only funny after the next part. Feign was standing there, holding the dounuts like he was waiting a table, high above his head, when something, at that moment he couldn't tell, rocketed past his head, cutting through the small opening between his head and the box of dounuts. It was no more that a few moments after Luca had pointed out that he was probably going to drop the box when the air from whatever flew past him, caused the box to sway in his hand and topple to the side.

It was quick thinking more or less, stupid thinking, more or less, but it was all Feign could think of to save the box of sugaryness, before Luca shot him in the head, for dropping them. He had only done this once before, when a tray of food was almost knocked over, by a customer that wasn't watching where he was going, and the stupid thinking kicked in. White wings spread wide to create a sort of cutioned ramp that let the white box slide down the feathery down like a slide, and rest gently on the floor feet from the blonde haired angel. So the dounuts were saved but that wasn't so sure for Feign's shirt which now had two large holes in the back...

[ I typically write between two and three paragraphs on a normal post... ]]

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