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Starting Over
I'm trying again, trying to keep this... organic (?) as possible. Bear with me.
All right, I decided to make this post for my OCs instead of having to go through lengthy descriptions for each request. =)


His real name is Daniel, but everyone calls him Gnat because he's such a pest. He is 17 years old and around 5'9". His build is lanky/skinny (he's still all bones). He is naturally pale, his eyes are light blue and his hair's natural color is very light blonde, but he dyes it all the time, so feel free to make it a myriad of colors (sometimes I'll ask for it just to be purple, though... for my own reasons). He wears plain clothes, normally just jeans and a t-shirt. He is usually in a grumpy mood. He also loves storms.

Ref pics:
Eye Color
Example with black hair ^^


Her real name is Cassidy, but she doesn't like the sound of it so she goes by Cassie. She is also 17 years old and she is 5'4". Her build is average/curvy (she's got enough padding to make her look soft, but not chubby). Her eyes are amber and she has long, light brown, straight hair. She likes cute clothes (dresses & skirts) and very rarely wears jeans or dresses down. She is very kindhearted and she is often happy. She also loves flowers.

Ref pics:
Eye Color
Hair Color/Style
Anime-Style Hair/Eye Color
Example (with Gnat! ^^)



This is his real name and he doesn't allow anyone to call him anything else (haha). I'm not quite sure of his age, but he looks like he's around 24 years old. He is tall- somewhere around 6'4" He's got an average build (some muscle, not a lot). His eyes are light blue and his hair is blonde. He always wears nice clothing (dress shirts, vests, slacks, suits, etc.). He loves to wear dark colors (especially dark red). His most significant characteristic is that he has black (FEATHERED) wings. Also, he is usually a very grumpy person.

Ref pics:
Hair Color/Texture
Eye Color
Example (sort of) (Rivven is on the left ;P)
Clothing Style: 1 2 3
A beautiful example. (No wings :'[ but clothes are spot-on. >w< wink


Harlan is in his late teens, roughly 18-19 years old. He's around 5'10" (average height, I guess) and he's kind of on the skinny side. He has dark brown, messy hair that comes down to his eyes, which are light blue (same as Rivven--he's Harlan's father). He prefers to wear baggy clothing (t-shirts & jeans) and color or style doesn't really matter to him; it's all about comfort. Like Rivven, Harlan also has (FEATHERED) wings, but Harlan's are black with white tips. He is usually a pretty happy/laid back guy.

Ref pics:
Hair Color
Hair Length/Style
Eye Color
(sort of) Example1 Harlan's on the right
Example2 (only his hair is messier, and not black)

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