Yeah, I haven't had a journal in forever, so I decided to do a few things differently. Anything that I post will be lyrics for songs, poems that I've written, or just things I thought I would share with you. Comment if you liked it~ [:

In Grace:

{Verse 1:}
Righteousness, loving-less
Whispers slowly to fade.
Powers gone, all along
Helpless you cry out in rage.

The pain you feel, oh-so real
Countlessly numbering off.
The smile in grace,
Please don't fade away.
Down a stream, in the dream
Maybe it's just so; Real.

Capture lies, battle cries
Endless conundrums.
That dancing day, oh-to stay
I hope this is not careless.
I give that spot, to you.

{Chorus x1}

{Verse 1}

Will this end?
Why wont you just stay free?
Now I understand you,
Leaning your head down in shame.

Please, stop playing this game.