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Kii Marie's Chronicles & Testimony Legend of my travels along the faded edges of the universe, sprawled out onto digital pages for any to behold.

Kii Marie
Community Member
Quest Log; Entry 1
Before you, I present the documentation of my quest for purity.
Today I'm blessed with the gift of life. And I wish not to waste it.
I believe in the God of the bible.

gaia_crown Quote of the day;
"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another."
~ John 13:34-35


gaia_star Examining & Understanding the flesh;

While wandering the outskirts of humanity's standards, I've discovered a lack of compassion, and an excess of emptiness as a result. From behind a screen, I watched as some of the most magnificent treasures of this world were dismissed and neglected, to the point that when I extended my kindness to them, it was as if I was some rare breed of creature that they'd never encountered before.
I don't believe that brotherly love is extinct. In fact, sometimes I catch a random act of kindness, and it brings faith to my heart. However, I find it very unfortunate that, from all that I've witnessed, seeing a good deed occurs as often as... One would need to do laundry. Unless of course, it's specifically searched on youtube.

gaia_angelleft How I've often seen the members of faith act;

It's quite common that whenever I see comments on -- well, anything.. Belonging to someone of a certain belief, often God of the bible, they like to attack others for not having the same opinion. Why does this exist, when God makes it clear, multiple times, that he wants us to love everyone. What does it mean to love someone?...

emotion_kirakira Basically, in non-dramatic format,

It really sucks that compassion is like an unknown form of pokemon- at least from what I've seen, myself. To go downstairs for dinner and hear all about people dying on the news isn't really that great. Or to scroll down after watching any video, or looking at any picture, and most often see arguments or insults.
I think it's a little sad to feel a boost of faith in humanity whenever I see a reasonable conversation.
I realize we're in an era of time where this is all normal. But why does it have to be, if people recognize that its wrong? I've noticed that people tend to ignore these matters and I don't quite understand why...

One of these days, I'll decode 'the norm' and understand >:] But until then, I think this entry is bountiful enough for any travelers to have stopped by <3

emotion_c8 My message to all...

Hopefully what I had to say will be considered, rather than dismissed. emotion_bigheart
Feel free to leave comments~! I welcome any enlightenment <3

~ Kii Marie

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