What with the recent changes to user post history (I do like the /gsearch, especially once made more userfriendly, even though I'm more used to and sometimes prefer /myposts), I figured now would be a good time to share my user posts bookmarklet.

This handy little bit of javascript can be entered into a bookmark's location field for one-click activation. What it does, is if you're on a profile page or journal page, instantly takes you to that user's post history (the /myposts version). If you're on any other page, it prompts you if you want a user's posts or topics, and then prompts for the username of the user you want the posts/topics of.

Hopefully the Journals code tag won't kill the coding of this.

[removed]var loc = document.URL; var q=""; function question(q,loc) { var q2 = prompt("Gaia User "+q+":","") if(q2) [removed]=loc+escape(q2) } function quest1(q1) { if (q1===true) { q="Posts"; loc="http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/myposts/"; question(q,loc) } else if (q1===false) { q="Topics"; loc="http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/mytopics/"; question(q,loc) } } if(loc.indexOf('/profiles/?u=') >=0 ) { [removed] = loc.replace('/profiles/?u=','/forum/myposts/') } else if (loc.indexOf('/profiles/') >=0 ) { [removed] = loc.replace('/profiles/','/forum/myposts/') } else if (loc.indexOf('/p/') >=0 ) { [removed] = loc.replace('/p/','/forum/myposts/') } else if (loc.indexOf('/journal/') >=0 || loc.indexOf('/j/') >=0 ) { loc.match(/u=([d]+)/) [removed] = 'http://'+location.hostname+'/forum/myposts/'+RegExp.$1; } else { var q1=confirm("Gaia User Posts or Topics? If Posts, press OK; if Topics, press Cancel.") quest1(q1) }

If you have any questions on how to make this work, or if you enjoy using it (it's excellent for stalking people wink ), just let me know.