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When Inspiration Strikes Random thoughts and things from my wandering mind

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Its been awhile....its hard to write a story
"A young women like yourself can't simply galavant across country on a whim, there are creatures and deviants who prowl these lands at night waiting for the chance to snatch up a maiden such as yourself."
Keely mulled over this spiel of his, slightly offended. She'd made it this far on her own, she was fully capable of making it to the next village on her own. However it may be handy to have this man around...
"I think I would be perfectly capable of getting myself to the nearest village. Besides I would not want to put you off your own course, you've probably got a wife and child waiting for you to arrive safely home and I'd hate to deprive them of your return."
Thalion looked at her with curiosity, what was it about this young woman that was so puzzling, there seemed to be a great strength within her. But being the chivalrous man that he was he could not simply let her go on her own. Not through these woods, not in these times.
"Well Keely I happen to be heading toward home at this time. So my escorting you in that direction," he nodded toward the mountain, "would cause my return no delay. Allow me to escort you to my village, I gather you haven't a place to stay, my wife and sons would be pleased if you came to stay with us until you know exactly where it is you plan to go."

Sorry for the wait ....here's Story Part 4
Sheathing his sword, yet keeping his hand on the hilt, he
fixed her with a stare that dared her to lie "Why is it that
you, a young woman, is out in a forest alone?"
Keely being uncommonly good at hiding her emotions and a
practiced liar (thanks to many a need to save her hide as a
young girl), set her features, looked the man straight in the
face and replied "Sir I do not know how I came to be here in
this place, the last thing I remember is waking up this
morning in this very copse of trees."
"Do you know where you are?"
"What is your name miss?" Feeling he was in no imminent
danger he let his hand relax on the hilt of his sword, but
kept it there just as a precaution.
She looked at the man, should she give him her true name or
perhaps invent a new one? Keely looked at the man and
thought to herself that she had alreadly told him lies, she
should at least provide him some truth. "My name is Keely,
may I ask what is your name?"

'She's gutsy. I'll give her that much' he thought to himself.
"I am called Thalion." he said as he dismounted.
He was taller than she had thought. He was a whole head taller than she. He looked as though he had seen his share of military service judging by his build. Before she could stop herself, Keely took a step back behind the tree using it as a sort of shield.
"I'm not going to hurt you Keely." he assured her. "I want to help you. Can you tell me where you are from or where it is you would like to go? Perhaps I can assist you in finding the way?"
Keely stood there wondering what she should say to this man. He was dressed as a harper, he probably was one seeing as he had a wrapped harp fastened to his saddle. But he carried a sword. Keely knew people were very often more than they appeared to be. But should she trust this man? Could she afford trusting someone? Or should she try and run?
Taking a breath, she gestured vaguely in the direction of the mountain. "That way is as good as any. I thought I might see where it lead."

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Story Part Three
A streak of sunshine had broken through the thick branches of her hiding place, urging her to wake. Slowly she began to sit up and rub the sore spots on her side where small twigs and pebbles had dug into her skin through the night. The fire was smoking somewhat but had no flame and did not look as if it could be resurrected into the warming blaze it had been last night. With a bit of a stretch and a rather loud growl from her stomach she set off to find some berries to nibble on. Hopefully soon she'd find a town to stay in. After finding some berries and a small stream to wash up in she made her way out of the copse. Finding the mountain that she was using as a landmark to keep her headed in one direction she began to walk again. After a few hours walking she sat to rest and find more food. As she was gathering some berries an odd sound came to fall upon her ears. It wasn't a normal sound you'd hear in a forest, it was a steady sound, an unbreaking thud against the ground. Slowly and cautiously she made her way to an area that was fairly dense with undergrowth and she watched and listened. Listening more intently she came to the conclusion that the steady thud she heard was that of a horse trotting along a path. Fear suddenly came over her and she drew her cloak about her as close as she could and hid herself in the undergrowth, finding a break in the leaves where she could peer out and see from all directions without being seen. Did they send someone from the village to find her? To drag her back home and punish her for leaving? Maybe this was some other traveler who just happened to be coming across her path. She hoped against hope that it was just another traveler. There was no way she would be dragged back to her village, not after coming this far.
A cloaked figure was on the back of the horse. Age and gender were impossible to tell. Scarcely breathing, Keely drew back further into the bushes, crouching in as best she could, wishing she could be invisible. The figure trotted past her, stopped, and turned. She wondered if in fact the figure could hear the wild beating of her heart.
"Show yourself" came the command. So it was a man under the cloak.
Slowly, Keely came out from behind the tree. The man sized her up. She almost seemed to be a dryad. Her movements had been fluid and almost graceful. The girl had hair the color of mahagony and her eyes were like newly budded leaves. There seemed to be an air of enchantment about this creature. If there was one thing this man had learned, never take a chance if magic appeared to be involved. Quick as lightening the man pulled out a sword, the tip at her throat.
"Hiding to enchant a defenseless old man?"
Something clicked and Keely began to breathe again. The hand holding the sword was aged, but steady. She figured it would be best to be on her gaurd. Who knew what this man was capable of. "You are hardly defenseless."
The man lowered his weapon. "Well, at least you seem to be real." he muttered to himself "Why were you hiding, Girl? Are you a bandit?"
"Then why were you hiding?"
"You frightened me."
The man looked into the oh-so-green eyes of the girl, no . . . woman standing in front of him. She was not lying. But there was something that made him feel she not only didn't trust him, there was much more to her story than she let on.

Story Time Continued
She'd been walking for days, with no true idea where she had been going. A walk, thats how it started out, she'd gone on a walk to be away from the frustrations in her home. "Some home" she muttered. Life would change now that she'd gone away, but where was she going away to? Fall would be upon the world soon, she needed a place to stay before winter would come. Maybe it had been foolish of her to just walk away from home at this time of year with just the clothes on her back and no food, but she just couldn't stay there any longer, not with all the fighting. Besides that by the time she'd thought about going back home she'd gone far past the village boundaries it was then that she thought she should just continure walking. Luckily she had a good understanding of what plants were edible in the forest so she wouldn't starve, yet. Nor would she grow to cold thanks to her cloak and the knowledge of how to build a fire. Hopefully soon she'd come across a village or maybe another traveler who could take her to a village or town. Looking up she saw that the sun had begun to set, "I better make camp" she said to no one in particular. Pulling her cloak close to her she began to gather sticks for a fire.
As she built her fire her mind wandered. Her villiage was a nice place, but she had never been part of the group. Always manipulating the older boys to teach her how to fight. She smiled when she remembered the first time she had beaten one of the older boys. They were so outraged that they refused to let her hang around them anymore. She shook her head at the I-was-just-lucky-and-besides-he-was-tired-after-fighting-you-lot line that worked. The amount of time she spent in the woods with the "witch" was a cause of great concern. The "witch", who was not a witch, was a medicine woman who had taught her much of forest craft. The smile dropped when she thought of when her father and older brother had caught her with a science book. It hadn't been pretty. Her parents never got on, but this time they had both been livid with each other. The words "arranged marriage" and "convent" were mentioned. Also various threats from members of her family.
Just then her fire blazed up. She turned her attention to her meal then settled down with her cloak and a blanket. Tonight she had camped in a little copse of trees. It was the first time she dared risk a fire.

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Story Time!
My friend Victoria and I are writing a story, I'm going to start putting it in here in installments so that we don't lose track of what we're writing...feel free to read mrgreen the paragraphs that are green are the one's i've written the one's in purple Victoria wrote:

She walked through a forest and stumbled into a clearing on
the other side. Finding herself in unfamiliar surroundings,
she stood there perplexed not knowing which direction she
should go. As she sat on a lone tree trunk, near the edge of the
clearing, she gazed off into the distance, searching for a
sign of some sorts to show her the way. Feeling she'd
lingered there to long, she finally decided on heading to the
left of the clearing. In the far off distance she saw a large mountain.

"Well, I have at least made up my mind" she thought. The forest was warmed by the sun that shone through the leaves. Above her it seemed that the sky was filled with green lace and beneath her feet the forest floor seemed velvety brown. A thought struck her "It will be cold come nightfall". She was glad she had her heavy travel cloak.

Boredom Ensues
mrgreen *sigh* I've nothing to do but sit here for another two hours before my English class. So I figured I'd write something in my journal...since I haven't done it for awhile. Not much interesting has happened recently. School started and its alright...save for math...which by the way I'm going to hunt down and kill. Math is pure evil. This weekend I'm going up to the Maryland Renaissance Faire! xd I'm all excited cuz I'm wearing a different costume to it...for once. I have this fave Ren Faire costume and I wear it everytime I go...but this time I wanted something different. So I dug around in my costume trunk and found three pieces of clothing that went together well and now I've got my self a kind of Scottish milk maid costume blaugh YAY FOR FUN!! I've got to finish a skirt I'm making for my roomate Kassie...I started cutting it out last night...and it has to be done by Saturday. If I can get it all cut out before tomorrow...which is Friday....then I can sew it all together at my parents house and then Kass will be able to dress up on saturday. Alright thats enough of my boring banter...I haven't got anything thought provoking or intriguing to say so I'm gonna end this banter.

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*Waves British Flag*
*CRIES* My beloved London has been hit by terrorists. I've yet to find out where one of my british friends are. They haven't sent me word or anything. I become increasingly worried. I sat up for two hours this morning watching the news in disbelief. London has just won the Olympic bid and now they have this to deal with. Most of those tube stations that were bombed I've been too. I can't believe this has happened, its awful. I can't believe there are people in this world that would do these things.

THUNDER!!! Run for you lives!
ok funny story....

A Kass and Dana story

The day was like any other day. We woke up, I fed the puppies and the fishies. Kass took her shower. We ate our breakfasts. Then sat around for an hour watching the television. Kass wanted to do something and I needed to go into Christiansburg to get my paycheck. So we ended up agreeing on going to a movie after stopping by JoAnn Fabrics to get my monies. War of the Worlds was the movie of choice. Ok so yadda yadda yadda the movie is over....its an excellent movie by the way...Kass and I are walking outta the theatre with everyone else when a huge clap of thunder goes off. Everyone in the crowd starts laughing. I start to mention that thats just the noise we need to hear after seeing that movie when Kass takes off running, I of course follow suit. So this makes everyone in the crowd laugh even harder.....

And that is the end of this Kass and Dana story
Hope you enjoyed it

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Home Again Home Again
Ok so I've been home for nearly three weeks now. Plus my last entry was almost a month ago...I'm so bad. Anyway my last weekend in March, thats where I lived in England, was spent wandering around March with my au pair buddies, one of which was the au pair that was replacing me. We had loads of fun and walked around in blisteringly cold wind. We chatted up people in all the stores, it was so fun. *sigh* I miss them soo much. I miss everything about being there. The family I au paired for, the adventures I had, and just plain the whole country. England is ever so beautiful and everyone should get a chance to go explore the less touristy parts. I can't wait to go back, for I will go back one day, hopefully soon.

I'm in the process of moving out of my house and today I started putting a temporary tank together for my saltwater fish. For I have gone completely mad and have decided to move my 55 gallon fishtank down to Radford, which is five hours aways from where I currently live with my parents. So I've spent all day with my hands and arms in saltwater, my skin stings where there are cuts and dry areas. But at least the tank is somewhat set up now, hopefully the sand will settle down and I'll be able to see thru the tank, as well as with my 55 gallon which is also clouded by sand. I had to take sand out of it to put in the temporary tank. My poor fishies can't see. Tomorrow I will again spend all day playing with my fish tank, and friday I will be moving the fish to the other tank....please let my fish survive all this hectic stressful stuff. Fish don't handle stress well at all. Well thats all for now.... blaugh

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