So today I got an unexpected call from someone I don’t know but apparently they know me by picture because a friend of mine showed it to him. SO this GUY calls me…and his voice kinda sounded familiar…he starts off by telling me hes seen my picture because my close friend showed it to him and he thinks im beautiful so he was wondering if he can get to know me and he said…who know what if we end up getting married. LOL XD! Nothing like this has ever happened to me…so anyways we were talking on the phone just a casual conversation. He was trying to get to know me and he said he wants to keep in touch so he’ll keep calling me and get this he said he was writing a letter to me but he 1st wanted to make sure with me if that was okay he said he was complementing my beauty and that I should b recognized for it. I don’t know him and I don’t know how he looks like all I know is hes 6’2 and short hair and that he’s friends with my close friend whom I’ve known all my life. This was SO unexpected, but I can’t deny he sure made me feel special for a moment there. He said he’s going to be writing to me and keep in touch. He’s going to be sending me pictures. I mean I don’t really have a problem with this because hes friends with my close friend whom I grew up with and trust and love.