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Ulquihime: The Heart
Ulquiorra Cifer and Orihime Inoue 井上 織姫
ウルキオラ・シファー および 井上 織姫

Thank You For The Heart


“If I were the rain, just as it can unite the eternally separated Earth and Sky, could I connect with someone’s heart?”

We have not one in common.

No two are shaped alike.

The third, because of the eye that we lack.

In the fourth, direction there is no hope.

The fifth is at the heart

The heart. 心臓. Kokoro

A robot made by a lonely scientist.
The result could only be called a “miracle.”
But still lacking was, something that can’t be made.
That is called the heart (kokoro) A program.
Several hundred years pass. Left all alone,
The miracle robot decided, to make a wish.
I want to know what that person, worked on until the end of his life.
To make for me, that “heart.”

“What is a heart?”

Now, it has begun to move.
Accelerating miracle.
Why do the tears not stop?
Why do I tremble?
Accelerating heartbeat.
Is this my desired “Heart?”

“Are you scared of me girl?”

“I’m not scared.”

Mysterious Heart. Heart Mysterious.
The joyful things I knew.
Mysterious Heart. Heart Mysterious.
The sorrowful things I knew.
Mysterious Heart. Heart Infinite.
Everything is so deep and painful.

Now I’ve begun to realize, the reason I was born.
Surely it’s lonely to be by oneself.
Yes, that day at that time.
In all those memories,
the “Heart” that lives, is overflowing.
Now I can say,

“I envy because of the heart.” 私は心臓がうらやましい

“I glutton because of the heart.” 中心部のため、私クズリ

“I covet because of the heart.” 私は心のために切望する

true words

“I am prideful because of the heart.” 私は心のために高慢午前

I dedicate them,

“I sloth because of the heart.” 中心部のため、私ナマケモノ

“I rage because of the heart.” 中心部のため、私怒り

To you.

“Because of the heart, I lust for everything about you.” 心臓のために、私は欲望をあなたについてのすべてのための。

Thank You,
For bringing me into this world.

Thank You,
For all the days we spent together.

“I see.”

Thank You,

“So this…is it….”

For everything you gave me .

“The heart.”

Thank You,
I will sing it for eternity.

Thank You.

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