first quiz 4 a trilogy im writing, the dusk trilogy out of 4 characters
6th question is optional

1:what is your personality?
A. calm, but agrevvated easily
B. womanizer
C. ...
D. agressive to those who oppese me

2:whats your weapon?
A. great sword that splits into 2 katanas
B. cards (im not gambit)
C. scythe
D. shortsword held ninja style

3:whats your power?
A. the 8 demon arts and the ability to manipulate darkness
B. luck
C. time
D. to transport things to a diffrent realm

4:a huge mechanical beast is coming towrds you, what do you do?
A: use my shadow and double team it
B: throw thing at it, hoping to cut off limbs, or run away
C: stop time and dismantle it
D. nothing, its on my side

5:a freind is hurt, what do you do?
A. heal the person, freind or foe, with the art of the forest demon
B. is the friend female?
C. stay with that friend for a while and leave suddenly
D. what freinds? ill kill them if they are hurt

(6: are you , by any chance, rich?
A. yes
B. no)

pm me your answers, and ill give you the results