The passionate flame of my candle flinkers in the ebony night awaiting you come unto me and take me within your immortal vessel. Your everlasting touch relieves my body of the weight of the grace that god hath given me for your own will.

Your alluring embrace I have awited for so long, an eternity it feels to finally be with you forever more. The piercing gaze that you have so drenched my lifeless flesh ingites my soul yet again.

The way you move so endearingly to my side when I am to leave this untimely abyss that has withered my abominable shell. We meet again in unending matremony in which we shall never part for all time infinite.

Death, you poor and lonely wolf seeking a companion such as I shall never be lonely again for I shall never be absent from thy side. I have long awaited your arrival at my feet and now I welcome you with open arms.