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Mo's Dinner
This is all about me and what happens when I get dinner...
Put a BANANA in a COCONUT. See how that works out fo' ya?
This journal is dedicated too: My buddy, Justin. But lets call him Banana. :3
Frankly, I don't know HOW or WHERE I was introduced to Justin. But it was the seventh grade.

When I first met Justin, he was very tall, intimidating, and not that friendly looking. I didn't really like him that well. I KNEW him... sorta hung out with him... but we weren't the bestest buds ever, I would say.
While Justin started dating THIS CERTAIN GIRL (who I will not name) he always seemed a little more friendly. Maybe perhaps because he was my (old) best friend's boyfriend. So we had more of a reason to hang out. We ate at the same table, talked to eachother, and before I knew it we were pals. Not buddys, but pals. After a while, we were friends, but not best buddys. We laughed and made fun of eachother.

Then it was the EIGHTH GRADE. We hanged out more often I guess. We went to his volley ball games at lunch when we could. So I guess then we were great buddies. But I wasn't ENTIRELY fond of him. I didn't know why, but I always felt like he disliked me... Secretly though. And he never was mean or anything, so why would I think that?

Then something horrible happened. His girlfriend dumped him...
I FELT HORRIBLE! The poor guy... I heard that he had a horrible time. I could tell, he always was staring into space with a sad face. I would try to help, but it wouldn't work...
Appearently, everyone who was on Justin's side of the breakup got really mad at the girl who dumped him. Maybe it was a misunderstanding between the two and it wouldn't work? I'm not telling though.

After he had recovered it was announced that Rika and Justin were dating. I swear those two are the cutest couple. He's been so happy ever since. I like seeing him happy. (Well, I like seeing anyone happy, so...)

Then it was the summer. Justin, Rika, Coco, and myself, started hanging out all the time. We had so much fun. (Did I meantion I was dating coco? :3)
I started to realise that me and Justin were best friends now. But... I ALWAYS had this feeling that he secretly still hated me. I didn't want to think about it.

Sometimes I would ask him if he did hate me, and he always said no. Was he lying so he wouldn't hurt my feelings? He MUST think I'm annoying. He HAS to!
But he doesn't.

When I went to the salon with Justin and Rika(she was getting her hair done), Justin and I sat on a couch together. We started laughing and having a good time. We made fun of magazines and teased Rika while she got her hair cut.

That was when I finally realised that Justin didn't hate me! He would never laugh like that or act like that around someone that he disliked! Seriously, I would know.
I was so glad that I was having a good time with Justin. So I guess that we're bestest friends now, huh?

So now it's my new mission to be the best friend Justin could ask for!

It's a little odd how people who you don't get along with that well at first end up being your best friends sometimes....
Thank's for being my friend, banana!

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