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Kelpie Kelani
Gawsh i'm tired...
Palace Sweet Palace
"Um..Um..Well it appears like I have some unfinish business left in my old town I never took care of."
"Well that's not your problem now--this is your home now just --lets just leave let's go to the movies or better yet let's just go to the marketplace we can just look at items and see if we can make a profit you know how wonderful that usually turns out an how long too!" said Suicide grabbing my hand but I didn't move journal. I couldn't move.
I look at Suicide and smiled I told him to stay at the house and wait til Cani's return after a few debate he stop pressing the issue and agreed to stay. SO I wait over by the Gaia's police station where I knew the TDP Cops would come out soon enough with a warrent and no longer did I thought there they were. They smile instantly the moment they saw me.
"Well thanks for not making this difficult." One of the cop chuckles.
They led me to there car where I sat down and fixated my eyes on the window. It wasn't long before we were reaching the bridge--the bridge of dimension which can lead you to any world ever thought of or created. I started to think how not to long ago I was on this bridge coming to this world and the feeling of fear, dread and sweat was heavy on me.

Driving in between the two worlds I could see all of my pretty clothes from gaia fading. I can see my budlgy 3-D figure change back to a 2-D my blue big eyes change to a sharp sea- green color and finally, finally I saw it.

The Palace.
I moan the moment I saw it and the police officers upfront laugh. "Aw not happy to be home?"
I rolled my eyes. Stupid idiots ..if I could remember how to my powe--
That's right journal I have powers I completely forgot I did.I spent the next 20 minutes trying to remember how to conjure up my powers form thin air without having to use outside source. How embarrassing would it have to be if I have to use outside source--it's forgetting all the Kelpieness I was taught has a child.

Before I could think of another solution that could occur the car came to a stop. Oh the drive went by so fast I wish it was longer and slower. So i could avoid what has to come next. I look at the house the car stop in front of. A Small wooden house right off a lake. In the back you could see two shape like horses in the air playing.

One horse in the air with winds flying around jaunting at the horse who was on the ground manipulating the lakes waters to aim and fire at the horse successfully dodging the water attacks, in the air.

The thought of facing Peggie...ugh...and now..how could I possibly forgot about them, my own kids?
Gawsh I'm tired.....

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