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My Journal hi my journal just has random stories and scripts^^

Community Member
Cazzoes the monster
Jae the vampire
Victor (the sweet nature loving) garden gnome

The soulless creatures are having their phycology session…but where’s the phycologist?
Jae: I had a lovely dream…I dreamt that I was a massive snow peaked mountain, with the frozen corpses of failed mountaineers adorning my icy slopes *evil chuckling. *
Cazzoes: *Reluctantly*I also have evil dreams too…. ^^ I was hallucinating that I was a metal locker that became dislodged from the wall, squishing a screaming fleshie.
Jae: *Evil laughter* What strange and soulless creatures we are ><
Cazzoes: *Joins in evil laughter*.
Victor: *Jumps out of nowhere* BOOO!!!
Cazzoes: Ew. *Gets freaked out and falls over.*
Jae: Where on Earth where you gnome? We are having our phycology session…wait.. *looks around* Where is the phycologist?
Cazzoes: *Burps and spits out a leather shoe* I ate him! XD
Jae: *Sighs* Now…Where were we?
Cazzoes: It’s the gnomes turn
Victor: *Unsure* Whaa? Oh, erm…..I ah, dreamt I was a gaping cave mouth? And uh…..unknowing fleshies walked into my dark maw and become impaled on my sharp stalactites…and yeah…><
Jae: In my dark blood filled dreams, I was an ancient ice glacier that melted, sending thousands of fleshies to their cold, icy deaths!
Victor: Luls…To be honest, I dreamt that I rode a beautiful unicorn, flying through a rainbow, over a pretty green field, abundant with flowers of every kind! I started to cry when I woke up because it was so beautiful.
*The most awkward silence of all awkward silences*
Cazzoes: *Looks at Jae* God! He is so not evil! *Turns to Victor* Why do you even pretend to be evil? You don’t need to be here! Go Away!
Victor: *Sobbz* I just want to help you guys! crying
Jae: Help? I don’t need help! I am a Vampire! I thrive on the blood of the living! BWAHAHAHA!!!!!
Cazzoes: *Rolls eyes*
Victor: *Rolls Cazzoes eyes back* rolleyes

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