roll call (halo 3)
peril (halo 2)
perchance to dream (halo)
halo (halo)
under cover of night (halo)
out of shadow into light (halo 3)
zelda theme (oot)
sierra(halo 3)
perilous journey (halo)
metroid prime selection screen (metroid prime)
phendrana drifts (mt)
magmoor caverns (mt)
chozo ruins (mt)
tallon overworld (mt)
pikmin theme (pikmin)
gandrayda theme (metroid prime 3 corruption)
brryo (mp3c)
pits theme (kid icurus)
trance (fan made youtube)
phendranas edge (mp)on a pale horse (halo)
covenant dance (halo)
heretic hero (halo 2)
in amber clad (halo 2)
and lots more just too lazy put em all here