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rpc Tengo Tenke
USERNAME- Wings of Hindrence RP
Character name - Tengo Tenke
Height- 5'7''
Weight- 125lbs
Age-Appears 21 but in acutality is 357
Desired position and squad- 9th squad captain
Skills- Reiatsu, intellect
Talents- Drawing, Reading people
Likes- books, solitude
Dislikes- nosey people, people who interrupt
Appearence- User Image
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Personallity- Tenke is a solitary sort of person who enjoys being by herself and watching the leaves fall in autumn. Truth be told, she is much closer to her zanpakuto than any other person.
Scars? Tattoos? Markings?: None

Zanpaku-to Name: Fezaeta-Naru ('Eternal Feather')

Zanpaku-to Sex: Both (there are two parts)

Zanpaku-to Soul: here

Zanpaku-to Appearance: here

Shikai: ryuui suru ('Take Heed')

Shikai Appearance: this and this

Shikai Abilities: She used her reiatsu infused net to capture the enemy, the energy immobilizing the opponent if the net is properly used. The harpoon is a spear like weapon where she spears her opponent once they are captured by her net.

Bankai: tobi tatsu ('Take Flight')

Bankai Appearance: here

Banki Abilities: The bankai is released appearing like the zanpakutou's soul. They are two pheonix-like birds made of pure reiatsu energy. One of them enlarges and becomes one with Tenke, merging with her back and it's wings becoming her own, and it's tail plumes cascading down Tenke's back. The neck elongated down her arm to where it's head is held in her hand, it's beak becoming a spear like sword. The other phoenix flies about and, at her command, can turn itself into a spear of firy reiatsu to impale the opponent at the speed of light.

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