And as I walk with glory, I walk in loneliness. How do rich kings walk with such pride while they masquerade with the gaping hole of emptiness?
As I walk with success, I grow more malevolent, more alone, more distorted. How could I let this happen? I was made of beauty, but I am just a lie.

My name is Belinda. It means, "beautiful serpentine."

There are days where I watch the world pass me by, because I do not want to catch it. Yet still I'm pulled in by all the chaos. Because by fate, I am born to balance and opposites will always attract. There are days when I want to see my blessings flourish, and other days, I want my most precious projects to wither and die.

Why do humans give birth to perpetuate misery?
I wish I had never tasted life.
I wish I was never born.