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My World Outside of Gaia This is my life in and out of Gaia!

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more of my story!
Learning to Walk

“Move it, keep going!” Kron hissed as he tried to push Kana up the hill, they were going through a large valley filled with hills, a few trees, and a bunch of rock. “You try carrying all this s**t and get over a boulder.” Kana muttered to herself, before using one foot to attempt to kick Kron. Kron caught her foot and picked her up, holding her upside down, with almost no amount of strength, “What was that?” he asked and Minnie giggled. “I said ‘Let me just hang here and perish till the end of eternity!’” Kana snapped, and had to hold her shirt down. Kron scowled, “I didn’t say anything! I said put me down or I’ll kick your a**!” Kana snapped, and Kron rolled his eyes as he put her down. “Well thank you!” Kana said and sighed, fixing the back pack, before continuing to climb up. Kron chuckled and Kana looked back, Minnie was whispering to him, and Kana rolled her eyes and shook her head with a sigh. Then she heard a screech, she turned around and Minnie had fallen, she was barely holding on by a few rocks, there was a thud as her bag fell to the ground. “Help me!” she screeched and Kron reached down but something kicked him and he flew back against a large boulder. A figure appeared in front of Kana and her eyes widened. The creature had a tail like a lizard, it was long and green with spikes on the end. The rest of the skin on his body was an off green color, he had on dark khaki pants and his stomach was a paler green then the rest of his body. He turned to look at Kana and his eyes widened, and he chuckled, “That was easy.” The boy hissed a snake like tongue flickered out of his mouth as he spoke. Kana heard a moan as Kron slowly stood up and the boy turned to look at him, “Well you actually woke up.” The boy chuckled and walked over. While he walked over to Kron, Kana ran over and grabbed Minnie’s hand, pulling her back up. “Are you alright?” kana said softly and Minnie nodded, and gave a soft hiss when she looked at her hand, a bit of blood dripped from her fingers. “We should patch that up, “Yeah, before Kron sees it.” Minnie said softly. Kana tore off part of her sleeve and pressed it against the wound, Minnie winced as Kana wrapped it around her hand. Then he heard growling and they both turned to look at Kron, he and the boy were at the edge of the cliff, pushing, swinging, and punching each other. Kron and the boy grabbed each others shoulder and the boy chuckled and slipped purposely and pulled Kron down with him. Minnie ran over and Kana came behind him the two boys struggled as the fell, then when Kron was finally free, he reached for some rocks and missed. “Kron!” Minnie screeched and held out her hand as if she could reach him.
Minnie was now huddled in Kana arms crying, they had watched them both fall into they were out of sight. Kana stroked her friends hair lightly, “Come on it’s alright.” She said softly and her friend just sobbed harder, “W…why did h…he have to die?!” she sobbed and hugged Kana tighter. Kana sighed trying not to cry herself, “I know, he was a good friend.” Kana said softly and there was a whoosh of wind, “Well thanks that’s good to hear.” They heard a chuckle and looked up, Kron stood there in mid-air, large black wings on his back with a huge smile on his face. Minnie got up and jumped on his not caring if he was in mid-air or not, then Kron’s eyes widened when he kissed him and he flew to the edge of the cliff and sat Minnie down. She pulled back and blushed, “I…I’m sorry, I…” then she was caught off guard when Kron kissed her back. He pulled back and chuckled, “Sorry for what?” he asked with a smile. Kana laughed at the two, “Come on love bugs, we need to keep going.” She said and laughed. Minnie nodded and pulled away and once Kron took a step forward he feel half-way before Minnie caught him. “What’s wrong?” Minnie asked and looked at him curiously. Kana just sighed, “I guess I am learning to walk.” He said softly.

The Portals

Kana, Kron, and Minnie had been walking, for what seemed like forever. Minnie and Kana had to take turns to support Kron as they walked up the cliff. “How much longer?” Kana muttered, it was her turn to help Kron walk, and she hated his sweaty, sticky arm around her already sweaty back. “Not much farther, then when we get to my world we can take a shower and sleep!” Kron said and laughed. Minnie turned around, “Maybe we should sleep here, I mean it is flat and big enough for three sleeping bags. We should be ready for anything tomorrow and at the top of our game.” She said and nodded. Kron thought for a moment, “Yeah, let’s go ahead and stop for the night, it’s probably midnight.” He said and walked by Kana’s side as she guided him over closer to the middle, so they were farther away from the edge. Minnie rolled out all three of the sleeping bags, and Kana sat Kron down. He pulled off his shirt and threw it into his bag, “We’re lucky we packed clothes.” He muttered. Minnie layed down on her sleeping bag next to him and nodded, “Yeah, don’t you think Kana?” she asked and looked at her. “Kana hey are you awake?” she asked and looked over her friend and Kron chuckled softly, hearing Kana already breathing softly. “She’s ready to see Nork again.” He said softly and Minnie nodded, they both layed down and went to sleep.
Kana was already walking around Nork’s house, once she found the back door she slowly slipped inside. Right now she was not sweaty, she wasn’t hot, and she was wearing the same dress as before. “Nork?” she called softly and heard a shuffle. She looked up at the stairs, and one of the knights from before came down, Kana took a step back and looked at him with wide eyes. Jedidiah looked at her and sighed, “Don’t worry Kana, come on Nork is waiting for you upstairs.” He said and walked past her and out the door. She watched him go confused, before walking up the stairs. “Nork,” Kana said again, softer this time, and someone wrapped their arms around her waist and she jumped when they kissed her ear. “I’m happy you’re alright.” She heard a voice and relaxed realizing it was Nork. Kana laughed, “I thought I told you not to scare my like that!” she said and turned around to look at him, and he smiled down at her. “Well I couldn’t help it, it’s fun.” Nork said and laughed rubbing his nose against hers. “We are almost at the portals, are you ready to come back?” Kana asked softly and Nork’s smile weakened and he nodded. “Yeah I am going to be waiting for you tomorrow.” He said softly. “I told Kron this, but I wanted to tell you in person.” He said and guided them into his room and sat them down on his bed. “I’m going to come back to Reality with you, so we don’t have to meet like this ever again.” He said softly and smiled. Kana’s eyes widened,
“Really?!” she squeaked her smile was huge, Nork nodded and Kana hugged him tightly and kissed him, they both drew back huge smiles on there faces.
“This will be great! We can actually see each other.” She said and laughed. Nork nodded, and kissed her forehead,
“But you have to go now; I have to start making my way to my portal.” Nork said softly and stroked the side of her face. Kana sighed and nodded,
“Alright but I will see you tomorrow.” She said softly, and kissed him quickly before closing her eyes.
“Yeah I’ll see you soon.” She heard before she disappeared.
Kana woke up the next morning, Kron and Minnie were gone, all of their stuff was still in place, and a small bowl of oatmeal waiting for her over a small fire. She slowly sat up and grabbed her jacket and slipped it on and grabbed the bowl, eating it feverishly. About a minute or so later Kron and Minnie came back and looked at her with a smile.
“Well look who’s up.” Minnie said and smiled at Kana as she stood up.
“How long have you guys been up?” Kana asked and threw her dish into the dirty dish bag. Kron shrugged,
“Maybe two hours, give or take a few minutes.” He said. Kana nodded and stood grabbing her bags, and Kron grabbed his, and Minnie’s. Minnie smiled at Kron who smiled back and they began to walk up the mountain once more. Once they got to the top Kron dropped the bags, and told Kana and Minnie to stay where they were. They looked curiously as he walked into the center and pressed his hands onto a strange symbol.
“Bring me home to a place I know,” Kron muttered and the symbol began to glow around him. Kana and Minnie’s eyes widened as he continued.
“I want the comfort of the king, for him to watch over the small village of Formest…”
Nork walked into the woods and found the symbol, he started to speak, “…to feel the breeze and hear the water of this small town…”
“… I want to see my friends and hear their cries of joy when I return…”
“…I want to see their smiles and feel the hugs of the ones I know…

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